West Coast Sasquatch Research

In March, 2006, UFOBC was contacted by Ken Kristian to inform us that he has formed a new organization called West Coast Sasquatch Research, along with Gerry Matthews, Thomas Steenburg and Sebastian Wang. Their website can be found at http://www.westcoast-sasquatch.com/. Since starting West Coast Sasquatch Research, they have been busily working on interviewing eyewitnesses to a number of sasquatch sightings in B.C., gathering key information and evidence, as well trying to put together film footage for a made in British Columbia sasquatch documentary film.

(L-R) Ken Kristian, Sebastian Wang, Thomas Steenburg and Gerry Matthews
Photo by Ken Kristian

UFOBC is proud to be working with the West Coast Sasquatch Research Team, and will be updating their reports as soon as they are received. Ken Kristian has also supplied us with many pictures of the wilderness areas of BC, which we will soon be adding to their reports.


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