Sasquatch Bed? - 1973/1974
Ken Kristian

About 1973 or 1974, I was down by the Fraser River talking with some of my old hand-logger commercial fishermen friends and the subject of Sasquatch happened to come up in the conversation. That was the first time I had ever heard that at times these beasts might make some form of nest or bed.

Old Bob was a local shake splitter who had just returned that same day from a deer-hunting trip up in the Hedley country. He somewhat shyly explained to the group that he found a large animal bed located on a perfect vantage point with six-inches of fresh evergreen tree boughs laid carefully in the bottom. He went on to explain he had also found quite a few piles of huge human-type droppings that no man or animal he knew of could make. Apparently these droppings were located about 75-feet from the bed and concentrated in one general area. Old Bob also went on to seriously explain that the bed he'd found had plenty of darker colored hair in the bottom of it and stunk like hell.

Now if I remember right, about six people burst out laughing. At that old Bob became extremely angry and remarked he would take any one of us assholes (excuse the language) back up to Hedley at that very minute and show us the bloody Sasquatch bed he'd found. Seeing that old Bob was seriously mad, the entire group said they were sorry and jokingly believed him. Sadly, nobody took Bob up on his offer. I wish to this day that I would have.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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