Leon Creek Sighting -
Fall 1994
Ken Kristian


About 1995 I had the opportunity to make a deer hunting trip (with my brother, a friend from work and his older brother) into the Yalakam River country, not too far from Lillooet. Looking at the map now, I believe we hunted off a logging road that ended at the headwaters of Leon Creek, in the Camelsfoot Mountain Range. Although we didn't get any deer that particular trip, I did bring home a multiple Sasquatch sighting report.

On the evening of our first day hunting we went in towards the end of this logging road (called Upper Swamp Road on wooden markers along the way) and stopped in a logged off draw about of a mile from the end of the road. When we got out of the truck in this valley, my friend Sil mentioned that his uncle had been coming up this same road the previous fall and spotted what he thought was a black bear digging roots about 60 feet from the far treeline. Looking at the spot he was pointing towards, I would say it was no more than 100 yards or so into the clearing from our vantage point. Seems his uncle stopped and readied his rifle to take the bear when it presented a clear shot. Quite soon the somewhat surprised animal suddenly realized it was being watched and quickly stood up.

Sil went on to explain that his uncle literally got the shock of his life when a huge Sasquatch now loomed in front of him and with four or five giant steps hit the treeline and disappeared from sight into the timber. Apparently Sil's uncle was so shaken by what he had just seen that upon his return home he vowed to close family and friends that he'd never to go into this country again for as long as he lived.

Sil also told of meeting two very old hunters at this same location the previous fall that mentioned in a tailgate conversation of seeing a Sasquatch at this very spot the year before. In fact, they said they had made this trip into the area with the hopes of seeing the creature again.

It might be interesting to note that when I went over to the general area where the Sasquatch was sighted I got a strange, uneasy feeling. The bush was so bloody thick and dark you couldn't see 30-feet into it. I also remarked to Sil that this area gave me the creeps and it seemed as if it was a dead zone. Except for the breeze whispering through the tree tops, there wasn't a sign or a sound of another living creature to be seen or heard.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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