Big, Black and Noisy - Late 1960s
Ken Kristian

In the late 1960s, two friends that had been hired by Joe Manuck to clean some of the bigger rocks off a logging road (done to prevent the cat skinner's kidneys from taking a terrible pounding) reported to me that they had been followed by something big and black that stayed well hidden just out of sight but not earshot. (Note: This particular logging road is roughly two miles from Frenchman's Bay and three miles from what used to be Oscar Greenland's homestead.)

Equipped with large steel bars to pry the rocks loose, they would then roll the boulders to the edge of the road and into the bush. While taking breaks from their job, they would constantly hear something breaking branches not too far in the bush. When they moved, it moved. The more intent they became in listening (probably because they were scared by now) the more they could hear footfalls. Once purposely peeking into the bush, one of them caught a glimpse of what he thought was an awfully tall black bear. Although nothing else eventful happened, they did mention that whatever was out there in the bush making noise followed them up to the top of the mountain and halfway back down again before becoming disinterested with their rock rolling.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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