Stolen Moose -
Fall 1998
Ken Kristian


During the fall of 1998 I knew a party hunting the Jedney area off the Alaska Highway that had a half a moose ripped down off a meat rack that was a measured 14-feet from the ground. Upon a very close check, these experienced hunters didn't see any grizzly or black bear sign around the area. Nor could they find anything else to indicate they knew who or what stole their moose. I checked out the meat rack myself (I was camped only about mile away and our lower hanging moose meat wasn't touched) and came to the conclusion that unless someone came 40-miles into the bush equipped with a big ladder, there was no way in hell they could have got the moose down - besides, the rope the held the meat up was snapped and not cut.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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