Oscar Greenland - Late 1960s
Ken Kristian

In the late 1960s, myself and a few other commercial fishermen and old hand loggers went to visit Oscar Greenland (now deceased), a long-time hand logger and permanent resident of Pitt Lake. Oscar seemed to enjoy our visits as we always brought a bottle of his favorite gin and some type of a treat for his faithful old dog. Sometime during the hours long BS session, the subject of Sasquatch was injected into the noisy conversation.

Oscar told us about a time some years back when he was heading up the lake towards home at first light on a beautiful summer morning. He went on to explain that the lake was a flat as glass and there wasn't a breath of wind. As they were heading from point to point he happened to glance towards the shoreline and noticed a rhythmic splashing about 300 yards away.

Out of curiosity he decided to head his old Easthope powered ex-gill-netter towards the beach in case someone was in trouble. As he got closer he noticed a downed alder or cottonwood tree laying in the water with what appeared to be a huge, dark colored man-ape jumping up and down on it - looking for all the world like it was simply playing and totally amused by the splashes it was making in the water. Oscar went on to explain that once the ape-like creature spotted him getting closer, it went up the tree faster than any man could have possibly gone and quickly disappeared into the bush.

Old Oscar then asked us all if we thought there were any grizzly bears in the Pitt Lake country. While none of us had ever seen or heard of a grizzly bear down low in his general neck of the woods, we asked him why he enquired. Oscar said that one day he was up behind his cabin cutting shake blocks when his dog suddenly began to growl, bark and generally go crazy.

Oscar said he stared in the direction the dog's gaze was fixed upon and saw what he thought was about an 8-foot tall grizzly standing on its hind legs partially hidden behind some alders. Oscar went on to say that he'd heard plenty of bears grunt and cougars scream in his days in the bush, but had never heard such a tremendously loud roar come out of any animal he knew of.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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