Deroche - June/July 2003
Ken Kristian

On June 30, 2003 we had another report of a possible Sasquatch encounter from the same previously-mentioned property outside of Deroche, BC. According to the three scared witnesses who had wandered into a swampy and remote area of the property, hardly ever visited by the residents, threatening high-pitched screams, the snapping sounds of heavy branches and strange, non-human mumbling or murmuring voices and other unintelligible sounds were heard after they stumbled upon a crudely built bed made out of old cedar boughs. The witnesses also claimed to have smelled a very strong odor described as being a mixture of sulphur, rotten meat or eggs and human excrement.

On Tuesday, July 29th we had another report of possible on-going Sasquatch activity from the above-mentioned property owners outside Deroche, BC. (see Deroche 1998) Shortly before dark the residents reported hearing extremely heavy footfalls outside that shook the entire house, scaring the females at home at the time quite badly. Shortly after this happened, two very loud high-pitched screams were heard coming from just inside the edge of the bush on their property. The sounds of the scream reportedly set off howling from some of the dogs on farms in the area. Shortly after dark the residents were driving towards town on a road in front of their property when a very large rock suddenly flew from heavy bush at the roadside and narrowly missed their vehicle.

Yet another report from outside Deroche, BC:
Hi my name is Christina and I live in Deroche, BC. The scream report that is on your site was it heard around 2 am? I was sleeping in a tent on my deck with my dog because it was so hot in the house when at around 2 am a weird very loud scream woke us both up and made us jump out of our skins. All the dogs as far off as I could hear were all barking for a while. Also I heard the same thing about a year ago while sitting in my computer room that faces the north. It too was around 2am in the morning.

We Investigate:

We had a chance to investigate the sighting report outside of Deroche and we were lucky enough to find one possible Sasquatch track measuring 16 inches in length by 6 inches in width. Due to the prolonged hot and dry spell of weather we have been having in the Fraser Valley, the ground in the area was hard and dry and did not lend well to making tracks - or tracking any animal at all.

The single possible track we did find appeared to be leading away from what looked to be a crudely built nest or bedding area consisting of scattered cedar boughs, and was situated on the crest of a small knob of soft dirt. Most of the weight appeared to be placed on the toe area of the track as the foot pivoted and curled in a natural stepping motion over the top of the small mound of dirt. The big toe measured 3 inches in length and was impressed into the soil about one and one half inches deep. As this track was not flat and was in a rough area off the main trail, it did not appear to be faked.

We were very impressed with the age and size of the trees in the old-growth forest (mixed red cedar, Douglas-fir, hemlock and various hardwoods, with some trees over 8 feet across) where the on-going sasquatch activity is taking place. If a sasquatch wanted to hide in this old-growth forest I firmly believe it would be next to impossible to see it ... one step behind any one of a thousand of the huge trees would be all it would take for any intelligent animal to stay very well concealed.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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