Copper Mountain - January 2006
Ken Kristian

On Monday, January 23, 2006 and Tuesday, January 24, 2006, I had some very interesting conversations over the phone with a male witness claiming to have possibly seen what he thought was a sasquatch near Copper Mountain, just outside of Princeton, B.C. The witness also stated he may have also possibly found what appeared to be the creature's den, its bedding spot, and locations where it may have been routinely defecating for quite some time.

In brief, the witness who reported this incident claims to be an avid big-game hunter, woodsman, amateur prospector and skilled survivalist. He also stated he regularly hunts much of the southern portion of the province. He enjoys backpack hunting in remote areas for four or five day stints.  In other words, he wanted to make it clear that he was not your typical road hunter.

On this particular trip he was hunting mule deer in British Columbia's Princeton area quite close to the Washington state border.  To be more precise, the witness was hunting in the Copper Mountain - Flat-top Mountain area, just outside of Princeton, to the south of Highway 3.

The witness said he had made his way through a farmer's property, then around a swampy area, and finally proceeded uphill toward the summit of Copper Mountain. He stated he was climbing up towards a cresting knob of rocks when he suddenly caught about a three second glimpse of something big and black on two feet quickly moving off the knob and into the cover of some thick willows.

Upon reaching the top of the rock outcropping, the hunter discovered two piles of extremely large diameter human-type excrement (not coiled but rope-like), with one pile on either side of the rock outcropping. Looking closely at the excrement he saw what appeared to some amount of fibrous material that he took to be either squirrel or rabbit fur. He said that because of the amount of droppings or scat present at the site, it looked like whatever was using the area had used the rocks as a lookout, and spent a great deal of time there squatting down facing in two general directions. Those two directions offered what he thought were the best lookout-type views of the valley below.

On further inspection of the area, the witness found the remnants of a crude fire (no rock fire-ring) that appeared to be fueled by long strands of old-man's-hair tree moss and small sticks with snapped ends. In, around, and on top of the fire were what looked like remnants of small animal (thought to belong to either rabbit or squirrel) and grouse breast bones that looked like they had been sucked clean. The witness stated that after closely examining the bones there was no tooth, gnaw or chew marks that he could see.

Although I now have decent directions to the area, the witness promised to call me when he had more time to talk and fill me in on all the rest of the details. Note: I received a call this morning (Tuesday, January 24, 2006) and the witness offered to take me to the sighting location once the snow is off the ground.

Somehow I don't think the witness's story is fiction. It may be misidentification of a possible sasquatch creature, misidentification of a sasquatch possibly using a crude fire, misidentification of two large piles of possible sasquatch droppings, as well as misidentification of the fur and small animals bones present at the site being related to man or predator kills. However, after careful consideration, I don't think the witness concocted the tale.

The witness also mentioned some very interesting details about "an old oak stagecoach" he found up there half buried in the mud. He again mentioned he would show all this stuff to me if I wanted to take a trip up to Princeton once the snow is gone off the ground.

I promise to update on this intriguing report after I have had a chance to visit the Copper Mountain sighting location, I will also have new and exciting updates on another very recent possible sasquatch sighting report, the recording of British Columbia's first possible sasquatch vocalization, and the discovery of possible sasquatch footprints in the Harrison River/Lake area as soon as the information is available.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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