Deroche - Summer 1998
Ken Kristian

The summer of 1998 found a group of teenage boys preparing to have a campout on the rear of a private 18-acre piece of property located outside of Deroche, B.C. The boys had set up their tents in a glade (roughly 200-300 feet away from the family home) inside the edge of the forest, which still remains quite wild and rugged, at the base of the Coast Range Mountains.

It was just shortly before dark, and all the boys were gathered around a small central campfire when something screamed at them with a huge volume from inside the edge of the forest. Whatever screamed at them could also be clearly heard pacing back and forth and breaking heavy branches inside the treeline.

In a follow-up conversation at my home, one of the boys described the warning-type scream as monkey-like with a volume that would be impossible for any human voice to duplicate without the assistance of an amplifier.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research

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