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a sighting by identical twins Sue Malcolm & Sarah Baker
Investigated by Martin Jasek

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  Calculation of UFO size
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The illustrations on the previous pages were done meticulously in frequent consultation with the sisters so as to be as realistic as possible. The photographs used were obtained on a trip to the area by the writer with the witnesses on September 3, 2000. Drawings were made on site by the witnesses showing the relative size of the object relative to the surrounding terrain.

The sisters and the writer were very perplexed about the fact that the UFO "appeared to go into the dirt" behind Haystack Mountain. Topographical maps were reviewed and an elevation plot of Haystack Mountain and the Valley behind it were obtained from the viewpoint of point "F" in figures 6 and 7. This geometric layout is shown in Figure 15.


The elevation plot obtained from Figure 15 was superimposed on a photograph also taken from point F (Figure 16). It becomes apparent that there was enough room behind Haystack Mountain to hide this giant UFO. Note also the scale on this illustration. It suggests that this UFO was somewhere in excess of a half a kilometer long!

Map showing how the geometry of Haystack Mountain and the valley behind it was obtained.
Figure 15

Elevation of valley behind Haystack Mountain indicated that the UFO could have fit behind it.
Figure 16


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