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a sighting by identical twins Sue Malcolm & Sarah Baker
Investigated by Martin Jasek

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  Dawson City and the Surrounding Area

But first, let's give a little background about where this all took place. It was not by chance that this man from England was working in Dawson. Dawson has quite a history as many of you may be aware and attracts travelers from all over the globe. Many come here seeking adventure ranging from a short tourist stop, to an interesting summer's employment, or a hard many years working the gold fields waiting to strike it rich.

It was indeed gold that was found to be here in massive quantities in 1898 that created the Klondike Gold Rush and gave Dawson the reputation it has today. Although much of the gold has been mined out (the easy stuff) there are still hundreds of family-sized operations sifting and resifting through the gravels of the network of creeks and hills south of Dawson City. Everything from gold dust to fist-size nuggets can be discovered through a process using water to separate it out. This procedure has been coined the term "placer mining". Most make a living at it, some get lucky, some do it as a hobby. I know a school teacher that does it on his summer break.

It was this type of lifestyle that drew Sue and Sarah to stake a gold claim near the Indian River. They had been to Dawson years ago and shortly before their UFO sighting they had returned to try their luck in the gold fields. They had a back-up plan too, in case things didn't "pan out". You see, Sue and Sarah are also renowned chefs. Before returning to Dawson they owned a restaurant on Prince Edward Island that was quite famous. Bill Cosby use to frequent there, as well the staff of popular news program "The Journal" had their "last dinner" at the establishment when the show was retired. Their specialty you ask? French and Cajun.

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Gold fields south of Dawson City have been mined since 1898.
Figure 3

Downtown Dawson City
Figure 4

Tourist Entertainment in Dawson
Figure 5

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