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a sighting by identical twins Sue Malcolm & Sarah Baker
Investigated by Martin Jasek





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"as we drove down the valley bottom we realized it was partly behind Haystack Mountain even though we were unaware of it actually moving at any time. I think we both believed it was the fact that we were moving around and down the mountain that changed our perception of exactly where it was actually holding with relation to the ground beneath it. Once we were almost to the bottom of quartz creek, approximately two thirds of the ship was behind Haystack Mountain. The ship was now at a steeper angle. The height of my scale model mountain is equal in length to the base, a sort of a triangle. It took just seconds for the third of the ship protruding to slip silently at that same angle out of sight behind the mountain. One had to know it could have gone much faster, but unfortunately that was plenty fast enough. The fact that it went behind the mountain at that angle in what appeared to us to be rear end first there was absolutely!! no question in my mind what so ever that it some how entered the earth!!!! and in reverse at that!!!!! which didn't help in trying to cope with the reality of the whole thing." - Sue Malcolm





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