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a sighting by identical twins Sue Malcolm & Sarah Baker
Investigated by Martin Jasek

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"Just before we reached the house the ship went down behind the mountain.... Tony came out as we were honking our horn ..on the way into the driveway even though we could no longer see it we all remained outside for some 20 to 30 minutes discussing the event, searching the sky, unloading the car etc., but saw nothing more. There is absolutely no doubt as to what we witnessed, none at all as you know!!!!!

The pictures are great and very accurate, for size comparison Sarah & I agree we would have been able to fit through one of the windows, they would be more like picture windows not port holes. I could not see inside but tried to, expecting to see (people) walking around, not at all sitting in seats like on a plane.

The picture, angle and size are perfect! You really have re created the sighting, as though we took pictures! It would be nice now to know now what happened to those, aprox. 2 and 1/2 missing hours??? Maybe one day, who knows. - Sue Malcolm

***Many thanks to Sue Malcolm and Sarah Baker for sharing your account. Especially since you went public. I will remember fondly the many hours spent investigating this case with you.***
Martin Jasek







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