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Further Investigation by Martin Jasek

Chronology of the Investigation and Additional Details

- July 8, 2000. Martin Jasek was approached by Kevin at a UFO Conference in St. Paul, Alberta. He gave his contact information and indicated that he had a strange story to tell.

- July 9, 2000. Kevin approached Martin again and showed the palms of his hands. Martin photographed Kevin's hands.

- July 13, 2000. Martin spoke with Kevin on the phone and Kevin provided the following information: Upon his return to Ross River Kevin was quizzed on what he did every day. He provided details of every day except for the day of the incident. The person asked him if anything strange happened on that day.

- Aug 19, 2000. Kevin mentioned that additional recall occurred while working on a machine in New Zealand that had a certain hum. The hum may have been similar to the UFO. The machine was a lathe that he would use to turn a piece of cork to make fishing rod handles. This occurred in about 1997. Prior to this recall his memory of being with the beings was a series of flashbacks. After working on the lathe he says "I remember it as well as I would a hunting or fishing trip".

- Sept 7, 2000. Kevin mentioned that the UFO was visible for about 2 minutes while fading in and out. Kevin described the location of the road to Martin.

- Sept 9, 2000. Martin obtained more details of the location of the abduction:

Kevin mentioned that when he was observing the UFO, it was directly down the road (east), and in the background, was a cone-shaped mountain across the valley. When he walked towards the sound (west) he walked 20 to 30 yards up a gentle incline. When he reached the top, the road curved gently to the left, and the beings were on the left side of the road.

Kevin also provided the following additional details:

"I had a camera in my pocket. I would think of taking a picture, then the UFO would fade. Then I thought, oh, if I take one photo now it won't turn out. Then the UFO would materialize and re-appear. It was really confusing. I would shake my head, look away, look back at it and it was still there."

"I am not sure if it went behind the mountain, into it, or just faded."

"The sound to west occurred as soon as the large craft faded for the last time or disappeared behind the mountain."

"Sound was a solid "clunk" unlike the sound of a tin car door. It would have been a heavy door."

When I was hit by the beam of light, "I felt that I was being stretched through time"

"I woke up inside a ship, a building, or underground. There was no sense of motion to conclude that it was a ship."

"Later while still in the area I could feel their presence. I had the impression that they lived or stayed in the area at the time. They may or may not be staying there now."

Kevin mentioned that when he returned home, a woman in Ross River (Joyce Peters) drowned that weekend. This event was used to date the incident.

- Sept 12, 2000, Martin Jasek visited the location, examined and photographed 4 possible locations 10 km east of Dewhurst Creek along the North Canol Road. One location in particular stood out; there was a cone-shaped mountain along the road-sight-line to the east. To the west there was a gentle slope upwards and at top of the hill there was a slight turn to the left. Other locations were similar but this one had the most pronounced features that met the description the best. This location was about 4.1 km east of the RCMP trailer along the North Canol Road. Coordinates: N63 deg 3.0 min, W130 deg 13.5 min. RCMP trailer located at N63 deg 2.4 min, W130 deg 18.0 min.

- Dec 24, 2000. Martin Jasek mails photographs of locations as well as an index map showing where photographs were taken to Kevin.

- Jan 8, 2001. Kevin called to say he had received the package and that he had gone through the photos. Out of the four locations depicted, he had no doubt that the pictures taken 4.1 km east of the trailer depicted the correct location. (The kilometers labeled on the photos (km 5.83 to km 5.9) were actually measured from a bridge to the north-east but are equivalent to about km 4.1 from the RCMP trailer).

- Feb 21, 2001. Kevin mailed to Martin Jasek the detailed description of the incident referred to as "Kevin's Account".

- Mar 3, 2001. Martin Jasek went to Yukon Archives and searched the Whitehorse Star News Paper for the story on the apparent drowning of Joyce Peters in Ross River. A Friday Sept 4, 1987 issue was found and it stated that the incident occurred on Wednesday September 2, 1987. The article also mentioned that there was heavy rain at the time of the incident that it occurred at about 10:00pm. Martin called Kevin to relate this information and Kevin responded with the following most probable timeline:

Wednesday, Sept 2, 1987
- Kevin drove up from Ross River. Raining heavily. Changed clothes under Art John Senior's cabin. Stayed in RCMP trailer.

Thursday, Sept 3, 1987
- Kevin woke-up and headed north-east on the North Canol Road at about sun-rise.
- UFO/ET incident occurred
- Spent night in RCMP trailer
- Heard buzzing sound

Friday, Sept 4, 1987
- Kevin's two friends arrive and the three of them go fishing at a lake near a grader station. Kevin does not tell them about the incident that occurred on the previous day. Everything is very still. Pike not biting and there are no loons, ducks or animals to be seen.
- That evening, one of Kevin's friends suggested that they go outside and watch for UFOs. They all went outside, and recalls sharing some rye with his friends. Nothing unusual was seen that night.

Saturday, Sept 5, 1987
- His friends returned to Ross River and Kevin stayed behind to do some duck hunting. At this point Kevin was no longer afraid since he reasoned that the aliens had already done what ever they wanted to do to him. Kevin returned to Ross River later that day and recalls hearing on that day or the next (Sunday) about the unfortunate incident with Joyce Peters.

- After Kevin recalls talking with another friend and was asked what he did on each day of his trip. Kevin related in detail what he did every day except for the day in question. All he had for that day were the "flashbacks" and told his friend that he couldn't remember what occurred on that day. The friend asked him if anything strange happened to Kevin on that day? Kevin did not respond in the affirmative.

- March 2001 to July 2002. Investigation of case put on hold as Martin Jasek moved from the Yukon to the Lower Mainland in British Columbia in May, 2001.

- July 10, 2002. Martin visits Kevin at his home and photographs the marks on Kevin's hands with a macro lens. Kevin tells Martin that most doctors and nurses did not know what the marks were but one did make the following remarks about the marks on his hands:

- One doctor asked, "oh, have you had that for a couple of weeks or something like that?" Kevin replied, "no, its been 8 years". The doctor's eyes got wide and he was quite surprised by Kevin's answer. The doctor asked Kevin if he had any problems with his hands "seizing up". Kevin replied, "No, I can play the guitar no problem." The doctor told Kevin that if he ever develops such a problem, that they can make a few cuts to get rid of the tension and that the treatment is not a really big deal. The doctor told Kevin the name of this disorder but Kevin couldn't recall it. The doctor also told Kevin that the medical profession does not know what causes it.

- August 29, 2002. Martin Jasek did an internet search on "problems with hands" and a condition came up that closely matched what the doctor told Kevin. It is called Dupuytren's (pronounced du-pwe-trahns') Contracture. The following link: "Kevin's Hands" describes the condition.

- September 4, 2002. Martin interviews Kevin further about the marks on his hands and Kevin provides the following details:

- The marks never existed prior to the Sept 4, 1987 event.
- "I recall rubbing my hands together" (due to a strange feeling in his hands) while talking with the aliens.
- He finally examined his hands a few days later. "I was totally shocked to see a mark on my hand. Then I looked at my other hand and couldn't believe I had one there too." They got worse or became more prominent over the next 10 days to two weeks. It only took them that long for them to have the same appearance that they still have today.
- He can place his hands flat on the table with no problem. (Although Kevin has not been diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture, this is a test to see if a case of Dupuytren's Contracture is severe enough to require surgery).

- For the remainder of 2002 and 2003 the case was largely on hold but good progress was made on the graphics in "Kevin's Account". UFO*BC investigator Gord Heath met with Kevin and made a painting of the aliens but the noses did not look right to Kevin. Artist's Jim G. and Paddy G. made a version where the chins of the aliens were pointed rather than the their noses. This looked more realistic to Kevin.

aliencompare.jpg (27244 bytes)
Initial artwork by Gord Heath (left) indicated that it may have not been the noses that were pointy (as in Kevin's drawing) but rather the face.  Subsequent artwork by Jim G. and Paddy D. (right) was a better rendition according to Kevin. However, this initial artwork (right) showed the beings to be too muscular. The muscular texture was removed for the final images of Kevin's Account.

- Feb 1, 2004. Martin located and spoke with Kevin's friend Doug. Doug provided the following information:

- The trip with Kevin and Doug's friend Brad did occur some time between 1986 and 1988.
- Doug did not recall that Kevin was acting unusual on the trip and Kevin did not mention the unusual event.
- Nothing strange occurred on the trip.
- Doug provided a description of Kevin's personal qualities that gave Kevin credibility.
- In 1997, Kevin wrote Doug a letter describing what happened to him. This was the first time that Kevin mentioned the incident to Doug. However, the two have not had a chance to discuss the incident since they have lived fair distances from each other since both of them moved out of the Yukon.
- A copy of the letter from Kevin to Doug was obtained and was consistent with Kevin's 2001 written account.

- Feb 22, 2004. Martin spoke with Doug's friend Brad. Brad provided the following information:

- Brad saw nothing unusual on the trip.
- He had just met Kevin and Kevin seemed to be acting normally.
- Doug could not provide any more comments about Kevin as he had just met Kevin for the first and only time on that trip.

- Mar 21, 2004. Case was uploaded to the UFO*BC web site.

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