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Further Investigation by Martin Jasek


Kevin's Hands

One of the most mysterious aspects of Kevin's case is the appearance of markings on his hands after the incident.

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right hand close-up

right and left hands

left hand close-up

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The following are more details that Kevin provided about the marks:

- The marks never existed prior to the Sept 4, 1987 event.
- Kevin mentioned "I recall rubbing my hands together" (due to a strange feeling in his hands) while talking with the aliens.
- Kevin finally examined his hands a few days later. "I was totally shocked to see a mark on my hand. Then I looked at my other hand and couldn't believe I had one there too." They got worse or became more prominent over the next 10 days to two weeks. It only took them that long for them to have the same appearance that they still have today.

Over the years, Kevin has asked various doctors and nurses about what they thought they were without giving them the background on how he thought he obtained them. Most did not have any idea. However, One doctor asked, "oh, have you had that for a couple of weeks or something like that?" Kevin replied, "no, its been 8 years". The doctor's eyes got wide and he was quite surprised by Kevin's answer. The doctor asked Kevin if he had any problems with his hands "seizing up". Kevin replied, "No, I can play the guitar no problem." The doctor told Kevin that if he ever develops such a problem, that they can make a few cuts to get rid of the tension and that the treatment is not a really big deal. The doctor told Kevin the name of this disorder but Kevin couldn't recall it when he was interviewed by the author about 5 years later. The doctor also told Kevin that the medical profession does not know what causes it.

The author performed an internet search on "problems with hands" and a condition came up that closely matched what the doctor told Kevin. It is called Dupuytren's (pronounced du-pwe-trahns') Contracture.

Dupuytren's Contracture
Dupuytren's Contracture is a disease whose cause is unknown but  most often affects men of a northern European decent indicating that it may be hereditary. It occurs when the connective tissue under the skin begins to thicken and shorten.  It initially starts as a painless nodule resembling a callous, most commonly at the base of the ring finger. One or both hands can be affected. If the condition progresses, the tissue tightens and it may pull the fingers towards the palm of the hand. In some individuals, the condition may progress until the fingers can no longer perform day to day functions. If the condition progresses this far, surgery is the only way to correct the problem. In other individuals, it only produces the initial symptoms of a callous type formation.  For more information, click on this external link.

Does Kevin have Dupuytren's Contracture?
Kevin has never been diagnosed with this condition although this is still a possibility. Other than the marks on the hands he has not developed any disability. Kevin can place his hands flat on the table with no problem (This is a test to see if a case of Dupuytren's Contracture is severe enough to require surgery). He can also play a guitar with no problem.

There are a range of possibilities that could explain the marks on Kevin's hands:

1. Kevin developed the mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture coincidentally with the incident.

2. Something the aliens did or something during the encounter inadvertently triggered a mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture.

3. The marks are not Dupuytren's Contracture but are the result of some procedure that the aliens performed on Kevin. The obvious speculation would be that the aliens placed some sort of implants in the palm of his hands.

These possibilities will be examined in more detail in the discussion.


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