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Further Investigation by Martin Jasek

Witness Credibility

I already mentioned something about Kevin's character in the introduction. About how he is reserved and not at all the type out for attention. It has taken him many years to come forward. Since the incident, Kevin has married and has started a family.

Furthering his credibility is the type of employment he had in Ross River at the time of the incident. He worked for the RCMP as a jail guard in Ross River. This indicates that he was employed in a position of responsibility and trust. It also shows one reason why he did not tell anybody about the incident at the time.

Some time after the incident, Kevin took some training to become a RCMP officer but discontinued the training when he realized that he would likely be posted in a remote location where he feared another possible encounter.

After a few more years in Ross River, Kevin moved to New Zealand for a while. Upon his return to Canada he continued his career as a guard in correctional institutes.

In February 2004, I located Kevin's friend Doug who was one of the two fellows that joined Kevin on the North Canol Road trip after the incident. Kevin had not spoken with Doug for many years and I was curious about Doug's perspective of that trip as well as what he could tell me about Kevin. Doug was a RCMP officer in Ross River at the time. The following is a summary of his statements:

- Doug new Kevin for about 3 years in Ross River. He saw him just about every day.

- He really liked Kevin and never ever doubted him about anything. Kevin was a "straight shooter".

- Doug mentioned that Kevin had an amazing mind. He was impressed how Kevin could recall past events and incidents in such detail. The RCMP officers in Ross River would often ask Kevin about previous incidents as the amount of details he could recall was very useful. (This attests to the level of detail provided in Kevin's Account).

- When Doug joined Kevin on the North Canol Road the day after the incident, he didn't notice that Kevin was acting strangely. Doug doesn't recall any strange occurrences on the entire trip.

- In 1997, when Kevin was overseas, he confided to Doug about the incident. He wrote him a letter describing what happened. A copy of the letter has been obtained, and this early version of the incident is nearly identical to the one presented on this web site. A consistent story is a hallmark of an honest one.

Also in February 2004 I located Brad, the other fellow that joined Kevin on the trip. Brad was a friend of Doug who had come up from Vancouver Island and met Kevin for the first time on that trip. Kevin appeared like a "normal" person to him. Brad does not recall any unusual occurrences during his time on the North Canol Road with Kevin and Doug.

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