My Story
"Moncla Memories"

Cherniack Documentary

In 2006, I was the subject of a documentary produced by David Cherniack for the Canadian cable TV network, "Vision TV". It was produced for a series titled "Enigma". The documentary was titled "The Moncla Memories" and the subject matter was mostly focussed on many of my anomalous memories that may be related to pilot Lt. Felix Eugene Moncla Jr., pilot of the USAF F-89 which disappeared over Lake Superior in November 1953.

Dave, Sara and GordDave Cherniack, Sara Barnes and Gord Heath - video shoot on old Kinross Air Force Base in Upper Michigan

The video was made over a period of several months. During that period, David was also producing a much larger documentary "UFOS, the Secret History", which was broadcast on the Canadian History cable channel. This was a fairly mammoth undertaking, involving interviews of dozens of UFO investigators and experiencers across the continental US and Canada. To do these interviews, David rented a large RV, which he drove, mostly doing all the work himself or with the assistance of a producer, Sara, a friend from Toronto.

I accompanied David and Sara on several legs of this journey. The first was from Chicago to Madison, WI to Kinross, MI to Thunder Bay. Next was a short trip from Vancouver to Whidbey Island, which we did after filming in my townhouse in Surrey. The next leg started in Denver. We travelled to Fort Collins where David interviewed Gene Moncla's nephew. We then travelled south to Alamogordo NM, where I had to return to Calgary, after my father suddenly passed away. I returned to Houston, where we travelled up to central Louisiana, then Tennesee for filming with Gene Moncla's daughter. I continued on to the NE states and departed Boston after filming was completed.

The documentary presents myself talking about several of my memories, along with short interviews of several persons connected to myself and Lt. Moncla as well as two psychologists, providing their perspectives. I was quite happy with the overall product, as I think David presented his treatment of the subject in a well crafted manner. He also refrains from stating a definitive conclusion which is left as a bit of a question mark.

The Memories

David starts out the documentary with several segments where I am relating many of my memories from my childhood.

The Sleeping Giant

I am quite certain this is a real memory. I am not sure where it fits time wise into my early life. It was summertime and I'm fairly certain it happened between 1956 and 1958. I have wondered if it might have occured after the "Grand Marais" memories, and maybe some of the content was me remembering something from what I now recall being told. I am quite certain however, that when I had this experience, I did not remember anything about being told I had been a pilot in a previous life. It is possible that the concept of being told "when you die, its like going to sleep and when you wake up, you are a baby", that this was a "past life memory" of some sort, of when Moncla was told what would happen to him.

I guess thats the reason I include the memory, even though I don't know if it really is connected in any way with Moncla or the Kinross Incident in any way.

Grand Marais

the badges in the jarWilson's Hill - a hill overlooking Little Beaver Lake in upper Michigan. Is this the hill I remember climbing with the man?

The scene where I talk about the memory of climbing the hill, was filmed just west of Grand Marais, in Grand Sable Dunes, an area overlooking Lake Superior. This is not the area where I believe the incident may have occured. That is another 30 miles west, on a hill overlooking Beaver Lake (also in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore). We didn't use this location since the hill is now overgrown with second growth trees, and therefore the view from the hilltop is completely obscured by trees. In my research, I have not yet been able to determine if this hilltop was actually free of major tree growth in 1956 and 1957 when I believe this incident may have occcured.

I do have some doubts about the whole memory recall, as far as it being Wilson and what happened on the hill. When I was growing up, all I could remember was:

The detailed memories emerged only after I connected the photograph of Lt. Wilson with the man in the memory. They literally cascaded out, as I lay awake tossing and turning in bed, thinking about the event. They didn't emerge in any sort of chronological order, just as a series of bits and pieces, that I later wrote down in an order that made logical sense. Some of the memories emerged later, such as Wilson telling me the names of the smaller lakes in front of us, Beaver Lake and Little Beaver Lake. I also later had the memory of what Wilson was wearing and in particular, me being fascinated with his "penny loafers" that had no laces.

Although it is true I had these memories a few days after hypnosis, I did have one "visual memory" of being at the top of the hill before this happened. It was a memory of looking from the hilltop, off to the right past a series of hills (or an escarpment) that overlooked Lake Superior. I'm not sure why that detail emerged.

A major missing part of the "Grand Marais" story in the documentary, was the way that Grand Marais had been a mystery to me and my brothers when we were still living in Fort William. The mystery was that we could remember going there on vacation, but my parents had no memory of this. We had a tent we had bought for that trip, and it was the only time we had used it to sleep in. It was much too small for the five of us. I think a reason why we cut the vacation short after staying only two nights was because my mom and dad were so uncomfortable sleeping in the tent. Plus my mother didn't lake the way we tracked in sand from the campground.

I know that my brother David seemed to remember some things about this trip for many years. When I was fifteen, I was browsing through the World Book Atlas my father had recently purchased after he started selling World Book Encyclopedias door to door. I was looking at a map of Minnesota, and I noticed "Grand Marais" on the shoreline. I was quite excited and told my brother. He told me it was the wrong Grand Marais. He insisted we had gone to Grand Marais in Michigan, which he soon found in a map on the adjacent page. He told me he knew we had gone to Michigan because he could remember that we had stayed overnight in a motel in Duluth, on our way to Grand Marais.

So even if I did not actually meet Wilson on the hill that day, there is a lot that is unexplained about this trip (or the memory of this vacation). One point to make is that my family did not have own a car until shortly before we moved from Fort William to Hinton, AB. So the car my dad drove on the vacation was a rental. This added substantially to the expenses they incurred from this trip.

The Michigan Plate

The Michigan PlateThe Michigan Plate - a souvenir plate I inherited from my grandmother. Is this a souvenir from our trip to Grand Marais?

Another "missing piece" from the documentary is any mention of the Michigan Souvenir plate that I received as an inheritance from my grandmother. My mother brought this plate to me on a visit to Vancouver some period after my grandmother died. I was quite fascinated by it and initially had no recall of seeing it before. But I later did remember I had seen it on the wall of my grandmother's house on a visit after she had a stroke. I was standing in front of it, admiring it, and she came up and told me I could take it. I resisted, because I would have felt guilty taking anthing of hers, especially something that I felt must have some importance to her.

When I received it, I had assumed that the plate was maybe bought by one of my mother's sisters who lived in Ontario. I assumed that they had bought it on a trip to nearby Michigan. It didn't occur to me that it would have been bought by my mother. I'm not sure when I had this recall, but I did experience quite a detailed memory of being in a gift shop with my mother. I was standing by some shelves near the front of the store beside my mother. The store entrance and picture windows were behind me. There were other shelves on the walls of the small store, and a checkout counter in the far corner on my right (not by the entrance). There were two plates beside each other. One had many little scenes in bright colors. The other had a scene of "Castle Rock" and it looked like a night scene in blues, greys and some yellow. My mother asked which I liked more. I pointed to the one with brighter colors. She took it to the clerk, paid the clerk and got the clerk to mail it to my grandmother. Shortly after leaving the store, we ran into my father and two brothers on the street. They were wondering what had happened to us. My mother didn't say anything about buying the gift for my grandmother, so I guess that was a secret.

Although I have many memories that seem to relate to a Grand Marais vacation, occuring in the summer of 1956 or 1957 (when I was two or three years old), I am much less certain about my "Wilson Memories" in relation to these other memories. Maybe the man was Wilson, maybe not. It is odd that I never experienced those detailed memories on previous occasions in my life. Maybe they were just "locked away" until I "discovered the right key" to trigger. If they are real memories, they are definitely the most bizarre of any I experienced from this life.

Man in the Moon Dream

I'm pretty certain I experienced these memories as I described. Whether they actually hint at anything "anomalous" is mostly a matter of conjecture, since I have no conscious memory of ever being "abducted" by "the man in the moon".

One thing that is interesting, that wasn't mentioned in the documentary, is that my parents frequently would tell us of an event that happened when my oldest brother was only a few weeks old. They have left him lying on their bed for a few minutes, and when they came back, he was gone. They searched the whole house for him in a panic. A while later, they went back into the bedroom he was back lying on their bed. They were certain there was noone else in their suite.

Badges Incident

the badges in the jarbadges in jar - some of the items I remember being in jar

This incident occured in the summer of 1962, shortly before my eighth birthday. There was much more detail to my recollection than was documented in the video.

The name tags were white block letters, machine sewn onto a dark blue heavy cloth. They do resemble some US Air Force name tags I have seen, although I am don't think I have found a complete match. The name tags were about two inches long and half and inch wide.

Besides the name tags, there were the following items in the jar:

Of the two airplane models, one was larger and might have been the model "Spitfire" made by my father when he was serving in the RCAF during World War II. The other model was a smaller model of an F-89 (or similar) aircraft with tip tanks on the wings. None of my father's model planes have tip tanks on the wings. Lt. Moncla flew several aircraft equipped with tip tanks, including the F-89, T-33, and F-94 Starfire.

The lieutenant bars were the cloth type, you would wear on the collar of your flight suit, (as an example). They were joined together with two small strips of grey felt, like they had been glued to the felt backing.

USAF PatchPatch 433rd FIS
USAF PatchPatch 433rd FIS, Truax Field

My memory is that there were two or three round "unit patches" as worn by USAF crew on their exterior flight suits and flight jackets. At least one had black block lettering around the outer edge. The only design detail I could remember clearly was a yellow, orange or red lightning bolt on a dark blue background. I was able to locate patch designs from Lt. Moncla's 433rd squadron. One depicts a green faced devil. The other is a cartoon-like depiction of a scorpion representation of an F-89. Both designs look very familiar to me, but I am uncertain whether either was one of those I found in the far that day.

USAF PatchPatch 327th Fighter Group, Truax AFB

I was unable to locate an image of a patch representing the 520th Fighter Group, but I did find one for the 327th Fighter Group which replaced the 520th Fighter Group at Truax AFB in Madison, WI. This patch design contains the lightning bolt on blue background I remember was on the patches. One thing I do know from my research of Madison newspaper archives is that the pilots at Truax Field wore dark blue flight helmets with yellow lightning bolt designs. This was explained in one news article about pilot wives visiting the base.

The pink folded paper was about 8 inches by 7 inches. It was a pre-printed form containing a header on top and a large grid section of rows and columns, some filled with numbers in the middle. The paper was like that thin tissue-like paper used in multi-copy forms in those days. The top form being white and the others being colored pink, light blue, yellow, each layer separated by a piece of graphite tissue. My impression is the fform might have been the pilot's monthly flight times.

The Shaving Soap Jar

The Shaving Soap JarShaving Soap Jar - was this a gift, never given to "Joe" or a gift given to "Gene"

One of the parts of this that I find to be very weird is that I had allways assumed the jar was my father's "shaving soap jar". But when I asked him about this jar, he had no idea where it came from. It did however turn out that my mother could remember that the story of the origins of the jar. In "her narrative" the jar was from a set of men's toiletries that she had bought for an old boyfriend named "Joe" that she had dated before she met my father.

I know my mother had dated another man before she met my dad. I remember her telling us that she broke up with him because he drank too much. She didn't say if he was abusive or not when he was drinking, but clearly my mother was concerned about his problem. According to my mother, she broke up with Joe so she never gave him the gift. I am guessing that this all happened before my mother moved from Edmonton to the Eldorado Uranium Minesite at Port Radium, NWT on Great Bear Lake where she met my father in 1948.

So what I wondered is this? What happened to the shaving soap and other stuff from the toiletry set? Did my mother simply throw the rest away and empty the shaving soap jar before moving up to Port Radium? My mother was not the type to waste stuff like that. I figure she would have found someone else to give the set to, rather than wasting it all. But maybe she just liked the jar so she kept it. In any case, how and when did my father come to possess the jar and use it to store his model plane memmentos that were aside from his photographs, his main mementos from his time in the RCAF.

If my "memory" is correct, my mother actually gave the set of men's toiletries to Lt. Moncla and he in turn gave the empty shaving soap jar back to my father the last time they saw each other on the ship.

My Memories versus "Past Life" Memories

It is important to distinguish between those memories which are memories drawn from the vast array of episodic memories from my childhood and younger years, versus those which were clearly NOT memories from my life, and might suggest "past life" memories of someone elee. Most of the later were only recalled after I had begun to perform research into the Kinross Incident and the missing crew. Even this later category can be further sub-divided into those memories which are take place in a conventional normal life setting and those which take place (allegedly) on what is described as an "alien spaceship".

Hypnosis and Confabulation

About 30 minutes into the documentary, Dave Cherniack plays a short excerpt from a cassette recording from one of two hypnosis sessions, I undertook with the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist. David states that many of the memories emerged during these sessions.

I think I would clarify that SOME "past life" memories first emerged during these sessions. Psychologist Steven Lynn points out that hypnosis seems to increase the overall volume or production of memories, but that there is a tradeoff as it may increase inaccurate or confabulated memories versus real memories.

There is no doubt that I had a "hope" that undergoing hypnosis would allow me to retrieve previously submerged memories. My whole purpose in seeing the hypnotherapist was the hopoe that I might access additional memories, explaining why I felt this connection between myself and the missing pilot. Previous to doing this hypnosis, I had written down many of my childhood memories that seemed strange and unexplained, including detailed memory recalls of finding the badges containing the name tags of the missing crew. I also had written down my childhood recall about death and rebirth as a baby that I had told to my brothers on the beach overlooking the Sleeping Giant.

There is no possibility that the hypnosis planted the concept of myself as a reincarnation of pilot Lt. Moncla as I already had that well established as a possibility in my mind months before I even considered doing the hypnosis. But I do believe that many of the "memories" explored during the first session might be confabulated. The reason I consider this as a possibilty, is by the very nature of the setting. You have the intention that you will recover memories, you are in a relaxed state, freeing your subconscious to drift, and you have a hypnotherapist asking questions. I don't think the danger is so much related to a hypno-therapist asking "leading questions" versus "open ended questions". I think the problem is that the hypnosis subject has an expectation and need to "say something". If there are no "real memories" or the real memories fail to emerge, than I think the subject would naturally be expected to create confabulated "filler" that fits the themes being explored.

The scope of memories from that first session were the moments before the plane intercepts the spaceship and a series of "memories" from the pilots first day or two on board the spaceship. I do think that much of the "memories" from this hypnosis session might be confabulated filler that is based on matterial I had already written down. One of the key memories was a memory that Gene and Robert were given a "choice". They could stay with the aliens, or come back to earth with "a new identity". In fact, this was derived from an early life memory, I had already written about my mom and dad telling me that they used to visit two men. That one man had chosen to stay with "them" and the other wanted to go back to be with his family. My recall was my parents told me that this man could not go back because he would "go to prison". I recall my parent's had some further discussion about this point, my dad stating that the man wanted to go back, even though he would go to prison if he returned. I also recall that my father told me that the man had wanted to give my dad a diary, but that "they" wouldn't let him. I do not recall further details from this event. I can't remember my parents telling be the names of these men, nothing about them being "missing pilots". I do think my parents might have tried to explain to me who "they" (the captors) were, and I think they might have tried to explain to me they were aliens, but I recall I was confused by this as I had no idea what they were talking about.

There were two specific details that occurred from this hypnosis session that I felt I could latter refute. Botth occuring in my narrative of the final moments before the crew were captured. In this narrative, after seeing the spaceship, the pilot tries to used his control stick to make a turn to avoid the craft, but there is no response to the stick action. He then yells back to the Radar Operator "my sticks stuck, try yours". The only problem is that the radar operator has no control stick on the F-89. So I concluded this must be a confabulated memory. The only possible reason the pilot would say this is if he was confused and disoriented and thought he was in a different aircraft, like the T-33 jet trainer, where the back seat is equipped with a full set of redundant "co-pilot" controls to be operated by the instructor or student.

Another detail that couldn't match is that I have the pilot say, "I am launching the rockets". Although the F-89C model was equipped with a firing system for rockets or guns, in practice no F-89Cs actually were equipped with under wing rockets. To my knowledge, the only plane that the pilot had flown that might be equipped with rockets was the F-94C Starfire. So again, unless the pilot was totally disoriented, he would know that the plane he was flying was equipped with machine fired cannons, not rockets. Note: During the period when the F-89s were grounded, the squadrons at Truax AFB were using F-94s as an alternate fighter. They would have started conversion back to the refit F-89Cs in the summer of 1953.

Given all of this information, I am quite doubtful about the veracity of memories recovered under hypnosis. However, even if all the memories recited under hypnosis are false/confabulated, that does not explain or refute my other previously recalled memories from childhood which seem to suggest a personal connection to the pilot.

Two Psychologists

David Cherniack interviewed two psychologists for the documentary, to provide a psychological interpretation of my experiences. Dr. Stephen Lynn approaches the memories from a fundamentally sceptical viewpoint. The memories cannot be valid, therefore they must be fabrications and fantasy. We never met so I guess that his exposure to my story was obtained from reading pages from my website.

Dr. Janet Colli approached the memories from more of a transpersonal and spiritualist perspective. The "anomolous memories" are interpreted as possible interactions of the self with "subtle realms" that exist outside the material reality we experience in normal waking consciousness. David did his filming of Janet and I at her home on Whidbey Island.

The "Psycho Materialist" Perspective - Its Just Fantasy

Dr. Steven Lynn states:

The way I think of this is possibilities and several things come to mind. What role would fantasy proness play?

He doesn't come out and say that aliens, alien spaceships and such unconventional ideas as reincarnation are outside of the realm of possibility, but I think that is implied or simply taken for granted. So if there are no aliens and no reincarnation the memories must be either delusions or fantasy. The other possibility he later alludes to is deliberate lies, when he states "this narrative, truthful or not".

Although he has never met me in person, he does feel what he has read is sufficient for him to conclude that I have a "fantasy prone personality". Why? Because "from our research, fantasy prone people tend to report very vivid memories of childhood." Apparently there are no grounded rational sane individuals who can recall detailed episodic memories from childhood.

Fantasy as an Escape from an Abusive Environment

Are these memories a product of fantasy? Did I become "fantasy prone" as a result of a desire to escape from a home environment where I was subjected to physical abuse?

When I was in junior high school, I can recall I had a fantasy where if things became unbearable at home, I could always move across the mountains to Vancouver. Vancouver represented a refuge from the things I wanted to leave behind from what was often, an unhappy home life.

It is therefore not too surprising that I did eventually move from Calgary to Vancouver, less than a year after graduating from university in 1982.

But, I should emphasize, I was always aware that this was a fantasy. Maybe a fantasy that could be acted upon, should I feel the need, but more of a fantasy than a personal goal.

Growing up, I was also attracted to reading fantasy and science fiction. My first recalled experience of exposure to science fiction was going to see "Earth Versus the Flying Saucers" at a local theatre in the summer of 1963. While I was initially very excited by the idea of aliens in flying saucers, I became very terrified of them over the next several nights, fearing they would come for me in the night. This was at least partially due to the fact that I was at that time sleeping in the top bunk in my bedroom, by a window with no curtains. The window looked over our backyard and beyond that nothing but empty prairie and starry night skies.

Through junior and senior high school I did read quite a bit of fantasy and science fiction. It was escapism, but I can't remember myself every thinking these were in any way tied to my day to day existance.

The Red KnightThe Red Knight - triggering a past life memory or just a childhood fantasy?

Was I an unusually "imaginative child" who engaged in fantasy? There are a few memories I have which I can say might imply some "fantasy role play". An obvious example might be my reaction on watching a performance of "the Red Knight" perform aerial aerobatics in Fort William. I believe this was at the Lakehead Exhibition, during summertime, maybe in the year 1959 or 1960. While I watched the jet perform, I had the unusual perception of feeling like I was in the cockpit, experiencing the G forces of the pilot as he conducted his maneuvers. These seemed to awaken some sense that I somehow "was the Red Knight" - not this pilot, but another pilot flying a jet. These were vivid enough that I told my brothers who of course told me this was nonsense. I don't think that these thoughts stayed with me for long. But they maybe did come back one recess during kindergarten or Grade One. A bunch of boys were playing "fighter jet". This involved standing with your back against the brick wall of the school, stretching out your arms and then running ahead, like you were an airplane taking off from an aircraft carrier. While I only remember the boys doing this once, for some reason, I repeated this game at recess for several days. Of ccourse, I soon went on to othersorts of play again and although I was pretending to be a fighter jet, I was very conscious of the fact that I was just a kid.

There were certainly other examples of such imaginitive play, but little indication that I believed any of my personal play fantasies.

I don't think it is likely that my memories are a product of fantasy, although I understand why a skeptic would think this as a probable explanation. One reason I doubt it is a fantasy, is that I would likely be aware that it was an invention if thats all there was to it. Secondly, I wouldn't feel so much doubt, pondering whether or not these were real memories, or might be something else, if they were just fantasy. But how would anyone else know if these memories were fantasy or not?

Since many of the memories are woven into a narrative that implies a relation of the experiences to "aliens" and possibly "reincarnation", I suppose that a sceptical scientist would have no alternative to disbelieve the reconstructed narrative and its component memories as products of fantasy.

An Elaborate and Imaginative Scenario

There is one part I would agree with in Dr. Lynn's assessment. He states, "they tend to tie memories and experiences together into rather elaborate and imaginative scenarios."

I have to confess, that after I read about the Kinross Incident, I did go back into my memories from childhood, and I did try to see which of my memories from childhood seemed to fit into my perception that I was, in some way, connected with the pilot.

So it may be that there was a subconscious process where certain memories were somehow "transformed" to fit into the idea that I might be connected with the pilot. However, I do not believe I have altered the basic memories or experiences to fit. If this has happened, it is purely a product of the process of memory recall.

Additionally, while I wrote down, dozens and dozens of childhood memories while I was initially trying to "connect the dots" and organize the raw memory material, I most certainly did omit a lot of memories which did not seem to have any bearing on the key element that I was interested in, the possible connection between my life and that of pilot Lt. Moncla.

So at least part of the reason that these "segments" fit into "an elaborate and imaginative scenario" is because I deliberately discarded most of the stuff which simply seemed irrelevant to the key connecting theme.

The Transpersonal Perspective: Spiritual Encounters and "Subtle Realms"

Subtle realms refers to experiences perceived that are outside the boundaries of normal day to day reality. Rene Mueller refers to these subtle realms as including those accessed during spirritual experiences, vivid and lucid dreams, astral projection, OBE, NDE and trance states, and self-realized awareness. See the following link:

Of course, some claims to so-called occult experience are just ordinary experience mis­construed, or private phantasy, or deranged delusion, or even sinister possession. But when all experiences of the subtle realms are dismissed by repressive use of one or other of these views, then we have fearful and rigid monopolar thinking defending itself against the fundamental bipolarity of the cortex.

Some of the perspectives of these "subtle realms" originated from Carl Jung's conception of a "collective unconscious", which is shared by all humanity and perhaps all sentient beings. This collective unconscious does not develop individually, but is inherited. It consists of pre-existant forms, archetypes, whch give form to certain psychic contents.

I appreciate the efforts that psychologists make to understand UFOs and other anomolous experiences from some underlying theoretical framework. However, I am not sure I would agree with Janet when she says:

There's a tangible sense that this man is a participant in a very real phenomenom and yet we have to "weed out" what memories make sense and what can be validated and how you look at this in terms of different dimensions of reality because clearly some of his encounters are not in ordinary material reality.

I have never had the opportuntity to query Janet further on this, but from my perspective, the core experiences of my recall were entirely composed of memories where I was very much in "ordinary material reality". When I say this, I am referring to the following experiences:

  1. The memory where I found the name tags containing the names of "Moncla" and "Wilson" in the jar in my parent's bedroom. (age: 8 years)
  2. The memory where we were sitting around our dining room table after dinner and my mother addressed me as "Eugene, Eugene" and then peared deep into my eyes and said "Eugene Moncla? Are you in there?" (age: 15 years)
  3. The experience where I was visiting my father in the hospital after his heart bypass operation, where he spent several minutes doing hand and facial expressions to get me to say "I am not your son", followed by him writing a name in block caps on a notepad which he indicated was me (or my father, I was confused what he meant). The name was (in my memory), Eugene Moncla. (age: 25 years)

I would agree that all of my more recently recalled events from "being aboard a spaceship with ETs" as Lt. Moncla, and him meeting my parents, well, that could certainly be described as "not in ordinary reality". And it is possible that all of these experiences and memories might originate from some experience with "subtle realms". I am open to that. But my experiences with those childhood memories, well, they certainly did not in any way seem to be from outside the boundaries of normal day to day physical reality.

It may well be that my "past life memories" are nothing but some pipeline to "the collective unconscious". At least that might explain some of it. But overall, I really don't think that the jargon and framework of "transpersonal psychology" really provides me with any sense of relevance to the key memories that form the groundwork underlying the narrative that I experienced linking my life to the life and afterlife of Lt. Moncla.

The Genetic Test

A lot of people who have commented on the "Moncla Memories" documentary seem to be confused about the purpose of the genetic test that was organized by David Cherniack as part of the documentary. His purpose in doing the test was to verify or negate a possible genetic relationship between Gene Moncla and myself. It was not in any way related to the question of whether or not I might be "a reincarnation" of Gene Moncla.

When David first proposed doing the test, I assumed he would do the test in confidentiality and secrecy, only revealing the purpose of the test after we had the results. Instead I found out that he had told the testing company that the test was being done for a documentary. If the company was the slightest bit intrigued by that, a five minute check on the Internet would have revealed the purpose of the test was to check if I was the son of a USAF officer who was allegedly captured by aliens over Lake Superior. I tend to think that any such diagnostics company would want to avoid a positive test result under those circumstances.

But more importantly, I may have completely misinterpreted my father's actions and their meaning during our visit at the hospital. After my father used charades to get me to say "I am not your son", he wrote a name down on a piece of paper. I do think the name was "EUGENE MONCLA", written in all caps. But here is where there was confusion. I somehow got mixed up with two messages. I thought he was indicating that the name he had written was the name of my father. But I remember that he also used gestures pointing to the name and pointing to me, suggesting that I was the name on the paper. I knew it wasn't my name so I thought he must be implying that was the name was the name of my father.

So it is quite possible that I was simply wrong that I was supposed to be the son of Gene Moncla. Its quite possible that was the whole purpose of my dad writing down the name, was to indicate that I was EUGENE MONCLA, not that EUGENE MONCLA was my father.

And while I did think that Moncla might have been told that he was to be father of his next incarnation, ALL of those "memories" from the ship are very fuzzy and I have very little certainty about them. I certainly give them minimal reliability compared to those I remember from my childhood, because logically, I am certain that these childhood events did happen, even if I lack certainty about all that happened on those occasions.

It is interesting that my father cannot remember what he told me, that he wrote a name on a notepad and he can't remember me even being in the room. He did however remember doing a charade with the nurse. This occurred after I moved away from my father's side to allow my father and mother to have a visit. There is obviously something very suspect here. Either he is lying or it wasn't really "him" that was communicating with me. How would he remember a quick gesture with the nurse, and forget several minutes of similar painstaking gestures to his son telling him that he was not his father. Something is very weird about this and I can't believe that David missed mentioning the significance of this in his documentary.

If you look at all of this from the aliens perspective, I think that I was provided this information for a reason. As far as I know, the only reason (so far) was so I would eventually meet Gene's family (assuming any of this is true). As far as the rest of the world knowing the truth of this, well, I don't think we have any reason to think that they want this information revealed. In fact, I think all of this suggests they probably want the information kept secret (again, assuming it is true). So I'm quite sure that if that is what they want, they will have ways to make it so.

The last issue relating to the genetic test is to note that the test is simply a test of a Y chromosome match. The Y chromosome is inherited from the father as the mother has no Y chromosome obviously. However, it is by no means a complete test of DNA matches. It would be possible that the aliens could genetically patch the genes together from many sources. Since they had access to my father, they might have even taken some DNA from him and mixed it with DNA from Gene and Robert. Do we have any reason to rule that possibility out? Admittedly, it still seems like a highly unlikely scenario, but no more so than the possibilty they would only use genetic material from my mother and Eugene Moncla.

For myself, I think I can live with the ambiguity. I think I have enough information myself to know that there is some sort of connection and that for whatever reasons, whatever really happened must still remain a secret.