UFO painting by Martin Jasek

UFO Yukon Research Society

by Martin Jasek

This web site that describes Yukon UFO sightings was created in 1998. It has been a sub site of the UFO*BC web site. Following the Yukon UFO Conference on October 14, 2000 several keen individuals approached myself that were interested in forming a Yukon based UFO research group. On January 12, 2000 UFO Yukon Research Society became a registerred non-profit society in the Yukon Territory, similiar in function to UFO*BC. In fact, the two groups continue to work closely with each other.

Our Goal: " UFO Yukon Research Society gathers and researches UFO sightings in the Yukon, investigates them as fully as possible and provides the information to the public."

We are often asked the question, are UFO Sightings common in the Yukon, more common than in other parts of the world?  That is a difficult to answer since it is estimated that only one in  ten UFO sightings are reported.  We do know this; the more active UFO investigators are at getting the word out in a particular area, the more sightings get reported.   Fear of ridicule is the most common reason why UFO sightings are left undocumented.  It serves no purpose that one has to feel ashamed for seeing a UFO.  However, this is slowly changing. So please, enjoy these pages and help to solve the mystery if you have information to contribute.

Working with the UFO*BC group has been nothing but a plus for the Yukon. Through them, Yukon sightings have made their way into the international domain.   Many accounts have been related on the internationally syndicated radio program Sightings on the Radio with Jeff Rense out of Los Angeles, California.  Several firsthand witnesses from the Yukon have conducted detailed interviews on this program. These shows are archived on the internet and can be listened to online using RealPlayer.  The Tagish Lake UFO photograph was the feature story in the Fall 98 issue of the Flying Saucer Review, a British UFO magazine in print since 1955.

So keep looking up .... 

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