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Further Investigation by Martin Jasek


There are many questions that come to mind while going through this case. Readers are encouraged to ask their own and provide them to us. This is a work in progress as questions could trigger more details to come forward from Kevin's memory. UFO*BC has established an e-mail account on Kevin's behalf. We will pass on the questions to him. You can provide questions to Kevin at:

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Let us first go through some obvious questions the reader may have. Does it make sense to go moose hunting on a motorbike? Was it a moose hunting trip? a fishing trip? or a duck hunting trip? Kevin's intent was to only shoot a moose if he spotted the right animal. He would have waited for his friends to show up who could go back to Ross River for a truck. Kevin remarked that it is the Yukon way to go out into the wilderness and be prepared for whatever opportunities come by. Kevin therefore had both hunting and fishing gear with him.

For the next part of the discussion, let us assume that the incident actually occurred the way Kevin recalled it ( i.e. that the experience was the result of an interaction between Kevin and some other intelligence and it was not a product of his own mind). I have no reason not to believe Kevin, since he is credible, sincere and appears mentally healthy.

Further to his credibility is the fact that Kevin had little exposure to, or interest in, the UFO phenomenon prior to the event. The fact that he didn't expect the aliens to be gray but green attests to this.

Let us also assume further that the beings were able to read Kevin's mind at all times as this was the way that Kevin said he communicated with them.

Here are some questions that come to my mind.

How much missing time did Kevin have?

Kevin mentioned that for hunting he liked to get up before the sun rose. Official sunrise on Sept 3 was at about 6:40 am, probably about a half hour later to clear the mountain tops. So Kevin was probably on the road some time between 6:00 and 6:30 am. The location of the incident was about 10 minutes away since he was travelling at a fairly slow speed to keep an eye out for game. Therefore, the incident probably occurred some time between 6:00 and 7:00 am. Say 6:30 am for argument's sake.

After the incident, it was just before sunset since it became dark about one half to one hour later. Official sunset was at about 8:40pm. For the sake of argument, the incident would have probably concluded at about 8:30pm. Therefore the entire incident probably lasted about 14 hours.

I asked Kevin how long did it appear that he spent with the beings. Something in the order of a "couple of hours" was his reply. He further mentioned that things "went at my speed". There was no rush.

We are still left with a question. What happened during the other 12 or so hours? Was Kevin unconscious for that time or are his memories of that time obscured?

Why was the motorcycle found facing the opposite direction and on a different part of the road after Kevin was released?

It is possible that once the aliens took Kevin they realized they could not leave the motorcycle abandoned on the road. This would risk somebody coming across it and collaborating his abduction. It is possible that the motorcycle was taken as well. When it was time to release Kevin, the motorcycle was placed back on the road. They may have obtained information from Kevin's mind that he intended to travel back to the trailer (which was in the opposite direction) to spend the night, so they placed the motorcycle facing west.

Why were the keys not in the ignition after the incident?

Kevin normally leaves the keys in the ignition while out in remote areas like this. That way he is not apt to lose them and there is no reason to believe that someone would steal his bike. Presumably, he left the keys in the ignition when he stopped to take a leak that morning. The keys would have therefore been in the ignition while he was observing the UFO. After the UFO disappeared and he heard a clunk Kevin walked up the road and around the corner where he would have lost sight of the bike. Perhaps, as a precaution, and subconsciously, Kevin removed the keys from his bike at this point as he was not sure that the UFO may reappear and spot his bike on the road. Not that he thought aliens would start it up and go for a joy ride, but subconsciously he may had thought of it as a precaution. He may have behaved similarly if he had spotted a vehicle with strangers near by.

If this was the case, then he would have had the keys on his person (in his hand or in a pocket) when he saw the aliens on the side of the road and when he was hit by the beam of light. However, he does not recall holding his keys in his hand while with the aliens later. Perhaps they were removed from his hand while he was unconscious. Later when the aliens returned him to the road they realized their mistake that they did not return the keys to him. Perhaps they are able to interject somehow and place the keys in his hands.

The other possibility is that the keys were in the bike when it was taken but were removed at some point by Kevin or the aliens although Kevin has no memory of this.

What are the marks on Kevin's hands?

The marks on Kevin's hands do appear like a mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture although this has not been confirmed by a doctor. There are three possibilities:

1. Kevin developed the mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture coincidentally with the incident.

2. Something the aliens did or something during the encounter inadvertently triggered a mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture.

- One possibility is that when Kevin was hit by the beam of light he clenched his fists so forcefully that he damaged the connective tissues in the palm of his hands. Although the medical profession does not state this is a possible way of obtaining the Dupuytren's Contracture, they do not know how it is caused. It is interesting to note that when one clenches their fists, it is the ring and pinky fingers that places the most force on the palm. It is precisely these locations that Dupuytren's Contracture most often appears.

- Another possibility is that the marks were caused inadvertently by the "tests" that the aliens performed on Kevin (which he has no conscious recall of but which the aliens told him that they had performed). Perhaps Kevin clenched his fists on the examination table.

3. The marks are not Dupuytren's Contracture but are a direct result of some procedure that the aliens performed on Kevin's hands. The obvious speculation would be that the aliens placed some sort of implants in the palm of his hands. Kevin has never had his hands X-rayed so we cannot determine this. The other possibility is that they were caused by tissue sampling or injections.

We encourage the medical community to provide UFO*BC and Kevin comments by clicking here

After the abduction, why would the aliens come around the trailer that Kevin was spending the night in? (As indicated by the noise that Kevin heard and the feelings he had).

Where they possibly monitoring what Kevin recalled consciously? Where they concerned that he was remembering too much? Did they take him again at this point and erase some memories of the incident?

Why did Kevin remain behind to do some duck hunting after his friends went back to Ross River? Was he not afraid that the aliens would come back for him?

As a day or two passed, Kevin reasoned that the beings had already done what they needed to do and that they would not come back. This is in contrast however to how he felt in the trailer. Did another incident occur in the trailer that made Kevin feel that it was finally over?  On the other hand, perhaps the simple passage of time made Kevin feel more at ease.

An interesting aspect of Kevin's memories is the fact that they were recalled consciously. Not that I think the process of clinical hypnosis is invalid but conscious memories are generally accepted as more reliable. Kevin did not recall everything right away however. The following lists indicate what he recalled immediately after the incident and what Kevin recalled later:

Intitial recall:

- seeing UFO across valley.
- hearing "clunk" sound and walking towards it.
- seeing beings on the side of the road.
- being hit by the beam of the light.
- flashbacks of incidents on the ship.

Subsequent recall:

- details of events on ship.
- details of conversions with aliens on ship.

Subsequent recalled occurred about 10 years later when Kevin was living in New Zealand. He had a job making fishing rod handles. The work involved turning a piece of cork on a lathe. A certain "hum" was associated with this process. Kevin, mentioned that the hum would put his mind in a certain state and suddenly the memories flooded back to him and were as vivid and real as other parts of the hunting trip.

This is very interesting. Was the sound similar to a sound he heard during the event? or, Does this sound have hypnotic qualities that allows memories to come forward? It may be worthwhile to record this sound and play it to others who may have possibly been abducted to see if their memory is recalled.

In closing, I would like to say that this case is not closed. We will update this site as more input is provided by readers or if new developments occur.

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