A Whitehorse Family’s Repeated UFO Encounters
Introduction - by Martin Jasek

It is hard enough to disclose to somebody that you have seen one UFO; much more difficult is to tell them that you have had repeated UFO sightings. People with repeated sightings are often discounted or ridiculed for several reasons.

Many UFO researchers used to think (some still do) that anybody having more than one UFO sighting was unable to recognise normal aerial phenomena, or perhaps they suffered from some mental state which caused them to hallucinate frequently. This thinking came directly from the assumption that UFO sightings were a random occurrence. Therefore, given two people who spend the same amount of time outdoors in the same general area, they should have an equal opportunity to see a UFO. If there is a large discrepancy, one of them must be seeing things. However, this is not justifiable for a couple of reasons.

The first is relatively straightforward. Once a person has their first UFO sighting, they are much more likely to be looking up at the sky for more UFO activity. This is especially true if their UFO encounter was up close or profoundly affected them in some way. This then increases their chance of seeing additional UFOs only because they are looking in the right direction.

The second reason is much more on a personal level, and the one that often gives people the "heebie geebies". It suggests that the witnesses themselves are of interest to whatever/whoever. The witnesses are essentially targets of observation or display.

The family, which I talk about here, are not the only people in the Yukon who have had repeated UFO sightings. There are over half a dozen known to myself and my research associate Lorraine Bretlyn. These individuals appear as sane as those who have had only one sighting, or no sightings. They are just as deserving if not more so for our attention of documenting and investigating.

In fact they deserve better than that. What if they are being targeted by this phenomenon? We feel very inadequate, working out of our home offices and on a shoestring budget trying to provide answers to these people, of which there aren’t many. We can’t provide them with any protection, assurances. They deserve much more! What they deserve is the attention of mainstream science and society in general to pursue and investigate this phenomenon.

At the end of this introduction, are three of their stories. There are more that can be found throughout the Sightings Pages on The Yukon Report. This group of three was the start of a wave of sightings for them that started at the end of 1996 and continued on through 1997. The third report has been on this web site for some time and was published in the Spring 98 issue of UFO*BC Quarterly. The first two are new to the public domain. The main reason for this was the workload imposed by the volume of other 1997 cases. The first task at hand when preparing this web site was to investigate the 1997 and 1998 cases first and then catch up on historical and pre-1997 cases. We chose this simply because the more recent cases hold more interest for some people. That is not to say that historical cases aren’t equally important.

Due to the number of sightings this family has had, I have come to know them well. I can personally tell you that they are a normal well-adjusted family and are sincere when relating their UFO encounters. The parents are very involved with their children. Both parents hold professional careers and the children have talents that have definitely impressed me.

Have a look at these three cases and think about what you would do if this was happening to you. Who would you talk to? Who would you seek answers from?

A Child’s UFO Sighting is Confirmed by Adults across the Yukon, Nov-96

A Strange Encounter with Large Lights on Hamilton Boulevard, Nov-96

Whitehorse Family Followed by a UFO - March 30, 1997

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