A Child’s UFO Sighting is confirmed by Adults across the Yukon
Nov-96, (a Monday night),
Whitehorse, Yukon, 9:30 or 10:30 pm
by Lorraine Bretlyn and Martin Jasek

A 9 year old girl was star gazing out her bedroom window in Logan Subdivision when she spotted blinking bright yellow lights coming out from the back yard and ravine area of the house just across the street.

She then saw an object moved up and out of the bush really slow and then take off, fast. It was gone – she saw it disappear. It took off in a northerly direction over the Mt. McIntyre ski area. The young girl turned to look at her desk clock to see what time it was. It was either 9:30 or 10:30pm.

The object was saucer shaped, dark green with numerous blinking small bright yellow lights lined up on its inner edge, and had two identical extensions protruding out from one side of it. They looked almost like long thin arms crooked at the elbow. Each of the protrusions had small saucer shaped objects attached to them with the same yellow light arrangement. She estimated that the object was the size of a teacup at arms length. The distance from her house to the bushes across and down the street is approximately 140 metres (460 ft).

A drawing of the UFO by the 9 year old girl.

She told her mother on Tuesday morning and drew her a picture of the object. Understandably, the mother had her doubts. However, on Wednesday morning, 7 am, the mother heard on the CKRW news about unusual activity in the area surrounding Whitehorse. She also heard the exact description of the lights in the bush – glowing – from a lady in Watson Lake! Other Yukon residents had called in and seen the same thing! The mother called in to say that her 9 year old had seen it as well. Because of her age it would not be aired, so the mother was told. The young girl gave her description to the radio station. The Mother asked to be called when they found out what it was. CKRW called back apologizing as the 9 year old daughter’s description did "air". This made her really upset ! At this time she was told that "Alaska was conducting "experiments" in the Yukon Mountains (ha ha – sure !) she thought.

Note: The Mother had some doubts about the believability of her young daughter's spectacular story until it was repeated in detail by an adult listener out of Watson Lake two days later.

Estimate of the object size

Using the relative size of a teacup at arms length, and the distances from the young girl’s window to the bushes across and down the street one can obtain the approximate size of the object. The results of this calculation show that the object my have been of the order of 24.5 metres (80 feet) in diameter.

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