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UFO*BC was fortunate enough to contact an ex-member of the now defunct 50's - 60's organization Vancouver Flying Saucer Club. He had been the recipient of many of their audio archives. These reel to reel recordings were made available to us for copying and distributing to anyone who has keen interest in historical UFOlogy. However, we have found that these lectures also very much appeal to those familiar with more recent material.

Now converted to CD, they demonstrate a very original sound quality and an opportunity to listen, as "yesterday's, golden oldies" relate and comment upon sightings and experiences that seem to echo events fifty years further on.

This series is a must for the dedicated researcher and collector.

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Volume 1 - The Betty And Barney Hill Interview


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David Chondrum hosted a radio show with Betty and Barney Hill regarding this classic abduction case along with a panel of experts that asked questions. Among them were Dr. Carl Sagan, Professor of Harvard University and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Leon Jaroff, Science Editor of Time Magazine, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Councilor and Assistant Professor of Psychology University of Wyoming. Edward Edilson, Science Editor of World Journal Tribune, New York, and James McDonald Atmospheric Physics Professor at the University of Arizona.

- 45 minutes, $12.99

Volume 2 - The Early Interviews of UFO Sightings

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Truman Bethrum and wife Mary

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Admiral Lord Dowding

This CD starts with a somewhat comical segment in the form of "channeled material" from Truman Bethurum in Dec 1956 and Jan 1957 on: "how to contact those from other worlds using ham radio." The CD then moves onto more serious material which includes:

A brief statement of Sir Hugh Dowding, from 1960, (a highly decorated Air Chief Marshal, WWII) about UFOs

Jack Buchannon RCAF encounter near Ottawa, Ontario region April 1958. Jack was associated with Wilbert Smith's association.

A riveting story described by Captain Subinski, WWII "foo-fighter" encounter by him and his bomber crew in March 1942

- 40 minutes, $12.99

Volume 3 - UFO Encounters

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Arthur Shuttlewood

charles_bowen.jpg (5854 bytes)
Charles Bowen

1966 recording
Arthur Shuttlewood was a journalist of 30-years who in 1964 started to cover strange happenings and UFO sightings in Warminster, England. He was a skeptic at first but after talking with so many credible witnesses and having a sighting of his own he became convinced the happenings were out of this world. Later on he received repeated telephone calls over a period of 7 weeks from people who claimed to be from other planets. Arthur retells the contents of these conversations and comes across as sincere. Were these calls a hoax or was he actually in communication with extraterrestrials?

1968 recording
Charles Bowen describes a French sighting of a greenish disk by an estimated 20,000 people and a group of officials and aircrew of Air France. He also discusses Project Bluebook, the problems encountered in bringing the UFO phenomenon forward for serious scientific study, government recommendations on UFO sightings after the 1952 UFO wave, debunking, and other general UFO information.

Born in 1918, Charles Bowen's principal claim to fame was through his editorship of the British UFO magazine "Flying Saucer Review", a position he held for a good number of years. His interest in UFOs was fired by the 1946 so called "ghost rockets", that were being reported in Scandinavia and which some authorities initially thought were originating from the Soviet Union. Mr. Bowen did have a background in journalism and was one of the earlier believers in the concept of parallel dimensions.

- 58 minutes, $12.99

Volume 4 - UFO Encounters (Sorry, not available)

daniel_fry.jpg (13841 bytes)
Daniel Fry

Recorded June 1956
Daniel Fry
describes a UFO encounter he had on the White Sands Proving Ground on July 4, 1950 where he approached and boarded a craft that had landed. Mr. Fry then describes the short flight aboard the saucer. As outrageous as it may sound to some, Daniel Fry relates the story in a convincing and scientific manner. His educational background allows him to devote special attention to the physics of the flying saucer's performance, which makes for a fascinating interview. Mr. Fry also discusses the problems of official government disclosure.

Daniel Fry was born in 1908. Like many in the early era of UFO activity interaction, Mr. Fry was known as a "contactee", rather than today's more reluctant abductees. Of all those who made such claims during that period, he held the best credentials for a scientific background. He was employed in the liquid-fueled missile flight testing program and also worked at the Aerojet General Corporation at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico. It was at this location where his first of four contacts took place between 1950 and 1954. (His first encounter is described on this CD.) His book, published in 1966 was entitled, "The White Sands Incident". Mr. Fry also claimed to be an ordained minister, although skeptic Philip Klass was less than convinced about the "degree" that attested to that qualification.

- 1hr 14 min, $12.99


Volume 5 - UFO Encounters - Wilbert Smith, A View from the Inside

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Wilbert Smith

Recorded 1961
Mr. Smith was a radio engineer chosen to be placed in charge of an experimental "listening/detection" station at Shirley Bay, outside of Ottawa. Its unannounced intent, to possibly detect UFOs entering our atmosphere. Clearly successful it became known to the media, which resulted in the government at the time announcing its shutdown due to nothing being detected. In actual fact this was anything but true, instead the researcher continued in an "underground" capacity for a further four years.

The recorded lecture has references to the "boys, Topside", which seems to indicate that Smith was indulging in some kind of communication method with the alien visitors. For 24 hours a day the staff were alert for noise, gravitational, magnetic and radiation anomalies. Apparently information being received included scientific, philosophical, propulsion and "double talk" via channels from "elsewhere".

The recording is extremely interesting and includes a question and answer period at the end. Mr. Smith died in 1962.

- 49 min, $12.99



Volume 6 - UFO Encounters

wayne_aho.jpg (10960 bytes)
Wayne Aho

Volume 6 - Wayne Aho (2 CD set)
Wayne Aho was a United States Combat Intelligence Major and gave a talk before the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club in about 1960. Although Major Aho had his own sighting on May 11, 1957 in the Mojave Desert, he does not provide many details of this account. Instead he talks about various conspiracy theories, problems in our society, why are "they" here, and about man going through "a transition of consciousness".

In Part II he talks about environmental issues. He talks about Nicola Tesla and that he believed that Tesla obtained his knowledge of physics by "tapping into the universal mind" through meditation. Finally, Wayne Aho gives some predictions including that Jesus Christ will return to earth sometime between 1975 and 1977 and that judgement will be complete after about 4 years (1980).

There is not much of substance in this interview for those interested in the UFO phenomenon. There is however a saving grace as during the mid-lecture break, a 4-minute background on the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club is given by the MC. (Part I 1hr 4 min, Part II 1hr 1 min).

Part 1 - 1 hr 4 min, $12.99
Part 2 - 1 hr 1 min, $12.99



Volume 7 - UFO Encounters

george_hunt_williamson.jpg (11984 bytes)
George Hunt Williamson

George Hunt Williamson
This 1959 recording features George Hunt Williamson, an ET contactee giving a lecture before the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club. The lecture is titled “Coming World Changes” but does not speak about earthquakes, floods, etc but rather philosophical and spiritual changes. Drawing on his research of ancient history, legends, personal experiences as well as his claimed ET voice communication contacts, he answers questions like, “why are they here”?, and “why are they here now”? A very interesting lecture that starts off with a tapestry of apparently disconnected topics and then woven together very nicely near the end of the lecture, much like a good movie or book. Although some of his claims are fantastic, he does sound sincere, educated and does have some degree of critical thinking and caution about his conclusions. A pleasant listen, and a very articulated lecture. The recording does end abruptly however. Although not the continuation, please note that there is also a 9 minute clip of George Hunt Williamson on UFO*BC CD Volume 8.

The listener may be interested that one of George Hunt Williamson’s claims to fame is that he was a witness to George Adamski’s contactee experience that is briefly described in Volume 8.

- 1hr 6 min, $12.99



Volume 8 - UFO Encounters

herb_clark.jpg (16638 bytes)
Herb Clark

Various recordings
1. Introduction
2. George Adamski interviewed by the BBC Radio Interview
3. Brinsley Lapore Trench, Editor of Flying Saucer Review magazine – interviewed by the Independent Television Network of Britain.
4. Graham Langton, interviewed by Herb Clark, Vancouver Flying Saucer Club. Graham is a young boy who gives compelling testimony of a UFO hovering several feet above the ground in his back yard just south of Vancouver on Feb 24, 1958.
5. Herb Clark of the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club interviewed by CBC Radio.
6. Various radio clips from the US dating Feb, 5, 6 and 7, 1957.
7. George Hunt Williamson – interview by CBC radio on Feb 7, 1958. George describes a sighting that he witnessed with George Adamski on Feb 7, 1958. In a very articulated manner, George describes why “they” may be here, refers the sightings on other continents and through ancient history. He also briefly describes incidents radio communications with exterterrestrials.
(49 minutes)

- 49 min, $12.99



Volume 9 - UFO Encounters

Recording date unknown
Part 1. Bill Hertzke, a rancher near Cochrane Alberta describes a UFO he approached at close range and examined in detail. A sincere and vivid account of an   unusual craft hovering just above the ground.

Part 2. The audio portion of an old TV program dealing with ancient records of visitors from outer space.

- 43 min, $12.99



Volume 10 - UFO Encounters

max_edwards.jpg (2556 bytes)
Max Edwards

Max Edwards
Dr. Max Edwards was born in France, Educated as a youngster in England and became a professional musician. He went on to live for 4 years in South America, and 6 years in New Zealand. He obtained a BA at the University of British Columbia, an MA in Pennsylvania, and a second MA at Harvard. At the time of the interview, Dr. Edwards was a professor of linguistics at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Part I starts with an introduction by Herb Clark of the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club. Dr. Edwards provides a good summary of the UFO phenomenon. Drawing on his experience with South American sighting cases, he talks about the behavior of UFO occupants towards humans. Do they react with fear, curiosity, or aggression? He then discusses animal behavior and electromagnetic effects associated with the close proximity of UFOs. In the final portion of Part I, he talks about, what scientists think about the UFO phenomenon, how the government treats the UFO issue and how society treats the UFO topic. These “attitudes and perceptions” seem to apply accurately today as they did in the 1960s.

In Part II, the interview is opened up to questions from the audience. In this sections Dr. Edwards goes onto describe his own UFO sighting over Victoria. The effects of electromagnetic radiation from UFOs on the human body are discussed. The host Herb Clark then describes the Graham Langton case (See Volume 8) in some detail. Other questions that are asked of Dr. Edwards: Do you believe in the writings of Adamski? Do you feel as a result of your study of this subject over the years, you have received a broadening of your appreciation, sensibilities, and do you feel that that effect does take place with people who do become interested and convinced themselves from the evidence?

Part 1 - 58 min, $12.99
Part 2 - 24 min, $12.99



Volume 11 - UFO Encounters

graham_conway.jpg (13353 bytes)
Graham Conway

Graham Conway
At the time of this 2003 interview, Graham Conway had been investigating UFO sightings and related phenomenon for 56 years, ever since the dawn of the modern UFO era that started with the Kenneth Arnold sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington in July 1947. Since the mid-70s, he has also investigated alien abductions and has spoken to more than 300 claimants. Drawing on this extensive background, he is asked some of the burning questions about the subject and is able to paint a picture that only a person who has studied the phenomenon this long and this intensively could create. Although Graham humbly admits that he is no further ahead than when he started, Graham presents a wealth of material that the individual can use to help draw their own conclusions.

Graham Conway was one of the founding members of UFO*BC in 1996 and remains to be one of its most active members. His professional background includes being a police officer and a schoolteacher. He also was involved in the hospitality industry. This recording was made in a professional studio near Oyama, BC.

- 1 hr 4 min, $12.99



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