Description of January 18, 2000 Fireball   by Joe Clarke
As viewed from the North end of Marsh Lake, Yukon

The flash was very bright white with a hint of bluish metallic colour. It snapped on very fast then got brighter and faded a bit. Two distinct pulses or flashes were not noticeable. Mt. Lorne, its northern slopes, and the whole foreground were light up to show more detail than a very sunny day. The meteor came into view just after the flash. It seemed that the light from the meteor was still enough to light up Mt. Lorne. The head of the contrail (the meteor) took about 5-10 seconds to go across the sky. The sky was clear and we had a complete view of the object till it appeared to go over the horizon over Mt. Lorne. The contrail immediate after was a strong straight coloum on "boiling seething smoke and gas. It seemed to expand along the long axis slowly then the winds obviously started to bend it. This however took some time. The meteor contrail itself at the time of entry was of a off-white colour with reddish  orange/green/blue. Overall these other colours were not flashes but seemed to appear in the contrail then fade into the column. Several times however distinct colour patches caught my eye with green being one of them. At times as well a metallic blue "brightness appeared" as well. It's hard to be accurate with the colours but for sure they were there. My friend and myself heard no sonic boom or other noise.


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