A Man sees UFO while Jogging near Wolf Creek
July or August, 1993

This sighting took place near the Wolf Creek Subdivision near the southern boundary of the Whitehorse City Limits.

A man was out for a late evening run along a trial running parallel to the Whitepass Railway tracks. The cutline trial he was running on was fairly straight with tall trees on either side. It was about 10:00pm and still light out. The man was heading north and was coming up to Wolf Creek when suddenly ahead of him he saw an object crossing the open space between the forests on either side of the trail. The object was travelling right to left (east to west) and took about 3 seconds to cross the open area of the sky.

The object consisted of a circular ball of light about three quarters the size of a full moon. There were brighter points of light arranged in a cross-pattern within the object. The axes of the cross were oriented vertically and horizontally. The man got the impression that the object was fairly low, maybe 150 metres (500 ft). There was no sound. The circumference of the object was slightly fuzzy, not well defined.

The man was very puzzled by this object and even contemplated reporting it to the Whitehorse Air Traffic Control Tower.

Documetned by Martin Jasek.

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