"UFO 'blinds' truck driver in Yukon Territory"

The following account was taken from the Vancouver newspaper, "The Province", November 19, 1975.

Whitehorse, Y.T. - An unidentified flying object lit up a lake in the Yukon with a bright white light and followed a White Pass ore truck, according to driver Arnold Emslie.

"Emslie, 28, of Whitehorse, said Tuesday that he and partner Richard Ross were carrying a load of lead from Cypress Anvil mine about 4.15 a.m. Sunday when they saw the object.

"They were at Mile 31.5 of the Klondike Highway north of Whitehorse, beside Fox Lake, when Emslie looked into his rear-view mirror and saw an object swooping down from the sky.

"It positioned itself about 150 feet in the air, above the rear of the trailer. He said it was oblong-shaped, about 300 feet wide and so bright that he had to take his eyes from the mirror " 'It hurt my eyes, just like looking into the sun,' Emslie said. The sky lit up so great that I could see right across Fox Lake. It was bright as day.'

"He said that until the object came it was dark, cloudy and snowing a bit. The distance across the lake was about three-quarters of a mile, he said.

"The light that the object cast across the lake appeared to have a bluish tinge to it, he said, while the rest of the area was lit up with white light.

" 'It was unbelievable, the day- light,' he said.

"The brightness lasted about 15 seconds at most, he said, before the UFO took off 'at a speed so great that it receded in size in about three or four seconds to the size of the moon.

"I've never been more frightened by anything in my whole life,' Emslie said. 'Two hours later, I was still shaking.'

" 'The damn thing was 300 feet at least in diameter. It was bigger than a DC-8 ...this thing was monstrous,' he said.

"Neither man noticed any sound while the object was following the truck, but vehicle noise could have drowned any out, he said. He added that when they pulled in to the weigh scales at Whitehorse, the attendant there said he had seen the light as well."

Credit to Miss O. Beaten of Vancouver, BC


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