Three White Lights

14-Nov-96, Whitehorse, Yukon: (9:15-9:30 pm)


A 21 year old man and his wife were walking along a driveway just off the Shallow Bay Road near the south end of Lake Laberge, about 25 kilometres north of Whitehorse. It was a clear cool night, ideal for star gazing. The pair saw a moving point of light which they initially thought was a satellite. They looked up again and saw that there were three white points of light in a triangular pattern moving at a slow sedate pace towards the south-southeast. The lights were solid and not flashing and never changed speed, direction or orientation. The object looked fairly large, was blotting out the stars behind it and left quite the impression on the couple.

Initially, the man thought the object might be fairly low in elevation so he shone his flashlight at it to see if he got a reflection, there was none. At arm's length the object was the size of two Canadian $2.00 coins. There was no sound emanating from the object. The triangle was an isosceles triangle with angles comprising of approximately 80, 80 and 20 degrees with the narrow end facing the direction of travel.

After observing it for about a minute, the man ran like mad to a neighbor’s house. "I had to get somebody else to see it" he said. By the time he reached the house the object had disappeared in the distance. The total time that the object was visible was estimated to be about 2 to 3 minutes.

The man called the Control Tower at the Whitehorse International Airport. They didn’t see anything visually or on radar and had not received any other reports. Next the man called the RCMP and made a report with the dispatcher. The next day an officer called back for more details and gave the man his Case Number. After listening to the story, the officer said that he would check with the nearest Alaskan airbase but didn’t call back to say if he found out anything. As is customary, the RCMP release their reports to the media the following morning (with witness’s permission) and as a result every media outlet in town called the witnesses. The man did an interview with local CKRW and CHON radio stations and the story also appeared in the Nov 15, 1996 Whitehorse Star newspaper. The story may have received some international exposure as well since the Whitehorse Star received a letter to the editor a couple of weeks later regarding a similar sighting in California. The witnesses also reported the sighting to the Alberta UFO Research Association but due to their stringent reporting requirements the association did not officially log their sighting.

The RCMP called the man back continuously for a one month period wanting even more details about the sighting but provided no answers for him in return. They were especially interested in the report filed with AUFORA which he eventually reconstructed as best as he could and passed it on to them.

Overall, the couple was not impressed with how their report was being handled.

They did receive a call from someone from Burma Road, a few kilometres south, who said that she and her husband saw the same thing a year earlier while sitting out in their hot tub. They watched it until it went out of sight going over the horizon.

Documented by Martin Jasek


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