Jim Conacher, the Man Who Took the Picture


Following his retirement after 35 years with the Government of Canada, Jim Conacher took up temporary residence near Tagish Lake in the Yukon.

For many years prior to his retirement Jim was Chief of the Inspection Division of the Canadian Grain Commission. In that capacity he and his department of some 400 people were responsible for ensuring that Canadian grain met the high standards set by the commission. Jim represented Canada, along with Chief Chemist, Dr. J. Anderson, in several trips to China and Russia when Canada first began selling its grain to those countries.

Jim was a highly intelligent, analytical man of scientific bent and solid integrity.

I do recall him showing me the photograph of the strange objects over Tagish Lake. He found them very perplexing. Although he showed the photo to various experts, he was not satisfied with the explanations that he received.

Lenore Conacher (daughter)

January 29/99



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