Invisible UFO Heard South of Pelly Crossing

Rock Island Lake,12-Oct-1995

It was the autumn following the summer of the Pelly Fire when a man and his co-worker were coming back from the Dempster Highway where they had been doing some work. It was getting late and they decided to camp 15 km (9 miles) south of Pelly crossing at Rock Island Lake. It was a cool and very quiet night. The occasional traffic along the Klondike Highway could be heard from miles away. Across the lake in the distance, it appeared that the Pelly Fire was not entirely out. At times they would notice a small fire the size of a camp fire, then suddenly it would flare up and the fire was the size of an entire tree, and then it would be gone and there would be absolutely nothing. Another small fire would appear and the sequence would repeat itself.

The two men started to hear a turbine or whirling sound approach them and go overhead, they looked up and saw nothing. However, they could easily tell from what direction the sound was coming from. It was directly over their heads at about treetop level and was moving slowly down towards the lake. What ever was making the sound, sounded like it was rotating. The noise was definitely coming from overhead and not the highway behind them. The man got up and started chasing the sound while looking up into the sky where the sound was coming from. He ran down the path to the edge of the lake and could not follow it any further. The sound disappeared into the distance over the lake. The incident lasted about 30 seconds. Both men never said anything to each other after the incident.

Later that evening, they were watching what appeared to be a moving satellite. However, the apparent satellite did a 90 degree turn which satellites do not do.

The man later related that the sound was so subtle that if they were in a downtown area of any city they would have never heard the sound. It was only because it was dead quiet that they heard it.



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