" Did the UFO turn off my Snowmobile ? "

Two Trappers Encounter a UFO
far from Civilization

(UFO Report#2 from Old Crow)

It was 1989 or 1990 and the first week of December, trapping season had just opened. We were about 80 miles (130 km) southeast of Old Crow near Johnson Creek. We left the village early in the morning and had been travelling all day, it was dark and must have been about 5:00pm. My partner and I were travelling on snow machines when suddenly a UFO flew right above us. I looked up. The center of the UFO was made up of all sort of colors. It was bright and round and looked much like a kaleidoscope. It flew east to west rapidly and was only visible between 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. I was concentrating at the kaleidoscope center but was aware of a much larger elongated shape around it. This shape was huge and covered the majority of the sky. It must have been only about 200 ft (60 metres) above us. Once it disappeared into the distance, it took my eyes time to readjust to the darkness and I noticed that my snowmobile had turned off. I was reasonably sure that I did not turn it off myself.

Another time near the same location, we saw a falling star. It stopped, and then shot back up into the sky!

Graphic depicting UFO Sighting by two trappers

This depiction of the UFO shows it how it would of appeared while the witnesses were looking straight up. The elongated black area took up a huge portion of the sky, as much as 45 degrees of an arc (1/4 of the sky from horizon to horizon).


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