"I Tried Everything, it was like she was Dead"

(UFO Report#1 from Old Crow)

Before this happened I never believed the people that were talking about seeing UFOs. I always thought that they were making it up.

It was around Sept 20, 1986. B and I were staying at our Cabin on the Porcupine River. We were sleeping and it was pitch black out. In the middle of the night something woke me up. There was this loud "rotating sound" right above the cabin! I looked outside the window and it was just bright out! Like daytime. I went to the window under which 'B' was sleeping. The light was shinning on her. I looked outside and there was this UFO right over the trees! It was bright blue, almost too bright to look at and was rotating fairly fast.

Graphic depicting UFO sighting near Old Crow

The UFO sighting took place from a cabin perhaps similar to this one. The illustration shows less than perfect rendition of the ufo account in terms of lighting conditions and time of year. However, the shape, size and distance of the UFO relative to the cabin is approximately depicted.

I tried to wake up 'B' but I couldn't. I tried everything. I was shaking her but there was nothing that would wake her. It was like she was dead!

I continued to watch the UFO for about 5 minutes, then it just slowly descended down towards the river bank and away from us, started speeding up going cross river, then it just shot off rapidly into the distance!

The next morning I told 'B' "You should have seen this thing outside last night. A bright rotating thing just above the trees" 'B' said "you should have woke me up!" "I tried, I couldn't, it was like you were dead, I tried everything"

When I got back to the village, I told my husband. He said "you should report it to the RCMP" and I said, "What are they going to do about it? They have enough trouble of taking care of things in Old Crow."

Now when somebody says that they have seen a UFO, I know it's true. I know it's true, because I have seen one myself!

Additional Information

The witness was very forthright, excited and anxious when relating her account. Listening to her was almost like being there. After the witness described the event, she was asked a few more details about the UFO. Although we weren't at the location of her UFO sighting, we were outdoors, out on the front porch of her home. This enabled her to illustrate the distance to the UFO and its size in relation to objects around us. The UFO was about 5 metres (16 ft) in diameter, 50 metres (165 ft) away from the witness and about 15 m (50 ft) off the ground. This was not a scheduled interview so paper and pen were not at hand but the witness traced a 3-D shape of the UFO with her hands in the air. It was a disk that was flat on the bottom, had sloping sides, and a rounded top as depicted in the figure.

The woman felt that the object may have somehow had an influence on her friend, perhaps causing her to become deeply unconscious during the sighting.

The woman was able to recall the approximate date of the sighting since a family related event occurred around the same time period. The initial "B" in this report has been changed from the actual first initial of the witness involved.

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