Night Into Day

Canadian UFO Report - Vol 3- No 6


A flying object so bright and so large that it turned night into day and lit up an entire Yukon lake was reportedly seen by two men in a truck in the early hours November 16. The report was phoned in by Yukon correspondent Peter Radford as this issue was going to press.

The witnesses were Arnold Emalie, the driver and his partner Richard Ross who said they had their frightening experience while carrying ore on the Klondike Highway north of Whitehorse beside Fox Lake. Emslie first saw the object when a bright light flashed in his rear view mirror. Until that moment the night had been cloudy and dark.

" It was unbelievable, the sudden daylight," Emslie said. "The sky lit up so great we could see across Fox Lake. It was as bright as day."

He said the distance across the lake was about 3/4 of a mile.

The two men described the light as having a bluish tinge in the vincinity of the lake, while farher out it was white. They said the object causing the brightness was oblong shaped and about three hundred feet wide.

For about 15 seconds the object hung over the rear of their trailer, then shot up until it was moon- size. A moment later it disappeared.

" I've never been more frightened by anything in my whole life" Emslie said.

Two weeks later, with typesetting almost completed, Radford phoned again to report two more truck crews -- one of them hauling ore like the first -- had seen a brilliant object in the Yukon night sky. The ore- hauling truckers saw it first about 50 miles from Whitehorse. They said the craft beamed a light at them through what appeared to be a window. Flying at about 300 feet, the object was also seen by the crew of the second truck and later by attendants at a way- scales station.

The witnesses said it was surrounded by a " round pink cloud" before disappearing.


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