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Further Investigation by Martin Jasek


Date of the incident

When Kevin first provided the detailed write-up of the incident, he said it occurred some time in August or September 1987. He did recall however, that upon his return to Ross River he learned of an unfortunate incident that had occurred in the community of Ross River.

A women by the name of Joyce Peters went missing after she fell off a ferry into the Pelly River. Newspaper archives were consulted and a September 4, 1987 issue of the Whitehorse Star stated that incident occurred on September 2, 1987, 10:00pm. The article also mentioned that there was heavy rain at the time of the incident.

Kevin was contacted with this information and he presented the following timeline that was consistent with the meteorological conditions:

Wednesday, Sept 2, 1987
- Kevin drove up from Ross River. Raining heavily. Changed clothes under Art John Senior's cabin. Stayed in RCMP trailer.

Thursday, Sept 3, 1987
- Kevin woke-up and headed north-east on the N. Canol Road at about sun-rise. UFO/ET incident occurred, spent night in RCMP trailer.

Friday, Sept 4, 1987
- Kevin's two friends arrive and the three of them go fishing at a lake near a grader station.

Saturday, Sept 5, 1987
- His friends returned to Ross River and Kevin stayed behind to do some duck hunting. Kevin returned to Ross River later that day and recalls hearing on that day or the next (Sunday) about the unfortunate incident with Joyce Peters.

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