Light Examines Mountains near Kluane Lake


From "Strange Sights in Yukon Sky" by John Magor, Canadian UFO Report, Vol 1, No. 1

Mrs. Van Der Veen, wife of the motel proprietor at Destruction Bay (See January 31, 1968), also made a sighting which, though earlier by several years than others we have reported, fits into our coverage because of the object's behavior.

As she and two women companions watched one night in 1960, an orange-white ball of light gave a remarkable performance over the mountains across Kluane lake.

"It went back and forth over the mountain tops just as if it were having a good look at them," she recalled. "It seemed very deliberate. We watched it for about an hour."

How similar this was to one of the sightings made years later by Mrs. McCreedy and others at Swiff River! (See 1966 and previous) They, too, watched a light go back and forth over a mountain range as if on a mission of scrutiny.


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