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a sighting by identical twins Sue Malcolm & Sarah Baker
Investigated by Martin Jasek

Figure 6

Figure 6. Map showing Sue and Sarah's journey during their UFO encounter. They first spotted the UFO at point "A" as they were about to crest the northern divide of the Indian River Valley. The twins do no not recall seeing the UFO at point "B". At point "C" they noticed about 12 to 13 smaller "ships" swarming around one end of the cigar-shaped object. They lost sight of the UFOs as they drove down into the Quartz Creek Valley where hills to the east obstructed their view of the UFO. At point "D" they regained sight of the giant UFO with the smaller UFOs no longer visible. From their perspective, the giant UFO appeared to be about 3 km away over their gold claim shown above. At point "E" they found out this was not the case as the UFO started to go behind Haystack Mountain indicating that the UFO was much bigger and further away, now 12 km away and they had already driven 3 km closer. At point "F" it disappeared behind the mountain completely where they were only about 30 seconds from their home at point "G". The viewing directions from each observational point are also shown. The elevation contour interval is 500 ft (154.2 m).

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