A Family of Four Observes a Disk with Row of Lights Over Lake Laberge

During Rendezvous 1994 or 95, (Late February or early March)


A Family of Four was staying at a friend’s cabin on a 200-foot bluff on Lake Laberge. The cabin overlooks the peninsula north of Fossil Point and the Deep Creek area. In the early evening they spotted a disk shaped object, complete with a row of about 5 lights along its perimeter, hovering at about their level, 200 ft above the peninsula. The object was about 300 metres(1000ft) away from the witnesses. The object shone a beam of light out of its bottom center and illuminated the snow beneath. There was also ambient light shining from the object in all directions that illuminated the entire scene as if there was a full moon. The sighting lasted about 2 minutes, at the end of which the object moved over sideways slightly and disappeared instantly!