Yukon UFO Workshop

October 16, 2000
Whitehorse, Yukon

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Canadian UFO Reporting - Chart Legend

  • black solid arrows indicate UFO sighting information including witness names
  • dotted arrows indicate UFO sighting information excluding witness names
  • blue bold arrows indicate follow-up investigation, witness support and possible counseling

Bold diamonds indicate organizations that receive UFO reports that "indirectly" forward the sighting information to civilian UFO organizations in the province or territory of the sighting of origin. Prior to forwarding the reports, the name(s) of the witness(s) are deleted making follow-up investigation by the local civilian organization difficult. Efforts need to be made to form a more direct communication between local offices of federal agencies and local UFO investigative groups.

CSIS – Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CIRVIS Report – Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence
CSE – Communications Security establishment
EMO – Emergency Measures Organization (Provincial or Territorial)
DND – Department of National Defence
MERINT Report – Merchant Intelligence report (as in merchant marine)
NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command (Colorado)
NRC – National Research Council of Canada (as of 1994, no longer accepts UFO reports)


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