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Martin Jasek

Yukon UFO Investigator

Martin Jasek

Martin will present colorful audio visual presentation of some of the most notable Yukon UFO cases. A good portion of his talk will decribe a case where 31 people saw a Giant UFO over many parts of the Yukon Territory on Dec 11, 1996. Martin will introduce witnesses to Yukon UFO sightings who will also take to the stage.

Martin Jasek holds a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Water Resources Engineering. In his spare time he is also a local Yukon UFO Investigator and has compiled nearly 100 Yukon UFO sightings. He has appeared live on CHON FM, CBC Radio, CFRB Toronto, and a US wide syndicated radio program and world-wide on the internet "Sightings on the Radio" hosted by Jeff Rense discussing Yukon UFO accounts. He has had 4 Newspaper articles in the Whitehorse Star and the Yukon News and has published UFO articles in the Flying Saucer review (UK) and the MUFON Journal (US). He is the Yukon Representative of the non-profit group UFO*BC.

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