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Guest Speaker:

David Pengilly

UFO*BC Investigator

David Pengilly

Born in Vancouver in 1953, David is presently 46 years of age, and has lived most of his life in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. In 1974 he graduated from the BC Institute of Technology with a Certificate of Technology in Instrumentation. Since then he has worked for the Provincial Government, and presently the Greater Vancouver Regional District, servicing air pollution monitoring equipment.

David's interest in the UFO phenomenon began in his teenage years, reading books by J. Allen Hynek, Frank Edwards and Donald Keyhoe. Many years later he joined MUFON and started working with Michael Strainic and Graham Conway. Together they formed UFO*BC in 1996. As a director, David has performed various duties and presently maintains the website and edits their newsletter, the UFO*BC Quarterly.

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