Another UFO Sighting near Canyon Creek

January 31, 1968

From "Strange Sights in Yukon Sky" by John Magor, Canadian UFO Report, Vol 1, No. 1

Just over a year after the McKinnon sighting (See December 1966) a strange ball of light again was seen in the vicinity of Canyon Creek. It was observed by two separate witnesses on the highway. One was Pieter Van Der Veen, proprietor of the Talbot Arm motel at Destruction Bay, who gave us this description of the incident. It occurred the night of January 31, 1968.

"I was driving south along the highway from Canyon Creek to see what had happened to a pickup truck overdue from Whitehorse when I noticed a bright light high and ahead of me. As I watched it came down close to the road from a height I would estimate at 2,000 feet, veered off to the right in a half arc, then it shot up and disappeared. I saw it for three or four seconds. It was reddish-yellow in color and had no discernible edges. It was just a glow.

"When I met Doug Smith in the pickup truck which was stalled about five miles ahead of me (due to explainable mechanical failure -- J.M.) he said he had seen exactly the same thing. But since he was facing in the opposite direction, the object had veered off to his left."


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