A Glowing Baseball-Sized Object Approaches
a Man Camping near Haines Junction


In 1975 a man was up in the Yukon for the summer and was camping with two of his buddies near Haines Junction. It was late and his friends were asleep around the campfire when in the distance he saw what looked like a large star, but it was moving. He thought it might be a fairly large object but at a good distance away. It then rushed towards him and stopped just a few feet in front of him. He then realized it wasn’t very large at all; it was about the size of a baseball. It hovered just a few feet above the ground and he definitely had the feeling that it was "checking him out". The color was basically white with a slight greeny tinge, kind of like phosphorescent plastic. The edges were diffused or not well defined. The object emanated a flapping sound, similar in frequency to a humming bird. He got the feeling that this thing was alive.

He yelled at his buddies to wake up but they seemed to be sound asleep. He then thought about walking over and giving them a good shake; the man was desperate for somebody else to confirm what he was seeing. But as he thought about doing so, the object would move slightly in the direction of his sleeping comrades, as if to block his way, as if it read his mind. At this point the man had enough and pulled the sleeping bag over his head. When he looked up again, the object was gone.

He told his buddies about the incident the next day; they just shrugged their shoulders and went on with what they were doing. The man noted that the UFO phenomenon was not something that any of them thought much about or discussed at that time.



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