UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
near Fox Lake
Yukon Territory, Canada


Table of Observation Times and Directions



 Time on Dec 11, 1996

   Directions of UFO Observation

 Witness Location Map Reference

FOX1 7:45 to 8:15pm initially NW, then NNE

Figure 1

FOX2 8:30pm (at end of sighting by association with FOX3 time) initially WSW, then edge of UFO directly overhead and center of UFO to NNW, then traversed to ENE 

Figure 2 
Figure 7
Figure 8

FOX3 8:30pm (looked at watch at end of sighting) initially NW, then traversed to NNW (over FOX2), then N, then rapid acceleration to ESE Figure 2
FOX4,5 8:23pm (FOX5 looked at car clock during sighting) NNW (UFO moving left to right) Figure 2
FOX6 evening


Somewhere on Klondike Hwy. near Fox Lake

PEL1 8:50pm (based on 25 min after FOX4 and 5) initially WSW, traversed to W, then to N Figure 22
PEL2,3 between 8:30pm and 9:00pm initially NNW, traversed to NNE Figure 22
PEL4,5,6,7 Shortly after 8:30pm initially WNW, traversed to NNE  Figure 22
CRM1 7:00pm initially WNW, then traversed to N, E, last SE Figure 27
CRM2 7:00pm associated with CRM1 time initially WNW, traversed to NNW Figure 27
CRM3,4 7:00pm associated with CRM1 time not available Figure 27
CRM5,6,7,8,9 evening initially WNW, traversed to NNW  Figure 27

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