UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
The Village of Pelly Crossing
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimony of UFO Witnesses PEL4, PEL5, PEL6 and PEL7

The four witnesses were taking an evening course at a small satellite college (Yukon Community College) in the Village of Pelly Crossing. They were out on a break and were getting some fresh air out on a balcony of the small one story classroom when they observed the UFO. The balcony faces west. The location of the college is shown on the map in Figure 22. Witnesses PEL5 and PEL6 were interviewed together. PEL7 was interviewed separately. An interview with PEL4 is pending.

Witness PEL4

-Interview pending

Witnesses PEL5 and PEL6

Witnesses PEL5 and PEL6 recall that it was December or January. The class had been let out for a break at about 8:30 pm. There was no moonlight and it was clear and cold. PEL4 noticed the UFO first and called PEL5, 6 and 7 to take a look. What they saw was a row of lights in the distance. They were looking northwest and the UFO was moving towards the northeast and was "pretty low" (see trajectory 7-8, Figure 22). It had "no sound" and it looked like it was a row of lights like that of a big plane but it was moving way too slow to be an aircraft. PEL5 indicated that the UFO was approximately 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) at arms length distance. There was one large square light at the front (right) of the UFO that was trailed by about 7 smaller square lights as shown in a sketch by PEL6 (Figure 25). The color of the light was like that of an incandescent light bulb, a light yellow color. They were moving together "like one big unit". They observed the UFO for about 3 minutes after which it disappeared behind the hill to the north. It stayed on the same trajectory and speed throughout the sighting.

The next day, PEL5 spoke with PEL1 (the trapper) and the two established that they seen a UFO at about the same time the previous evening. PEL5 also heard on CBC radio the next day that a couple in Dawson about 250 km (155 miles) north of Pelly Crossing) saw the same thing the same evening.

Witness PEL7

PEL7 was still inside the classroom when the other three women were observing the UFO from the balcony. "(PEL5) came and got me" to have a look at the UFO. "It must have been around 8:30 pm when we were let out for a break". PEL7 recalls the object being fairly high up over the northwestern horizon (indicated about 45 degrees above the horizon). It was moving slowly towards the hill to the north and maintained its heading. The UFO was a large oval shape that was lit up with rows of lights along the side of it. Another row of lights (barely noticeable) could be seen on the far side of the UFO. Trailing behind the oval shape on each side were rows of several larger lights (see drawing by PEL7, Figure 26). "It was a long time ago", PEL7 doesn’t recall if there were 3 or as many as 6 lights trailing the UFO, or if they were round or square in shape. The lights were white in color. The object was very large in the sky. PEL7 indicated the UFO was about 2 feet (0.6 meters) at arms length distance. No sound was coming from the UFO. "I didn’t hear anything!"

"As soon as it got over the hill, it started to go fast!" The UFO appeared to speed up as it got over the hill to the north of the witnesses and disappeared behind it. PEL7 indicated that this acceleration and the disappearance of the UFO were brief, perhaps a few seconds or a fraction of a second. She indicates that they observed the UFO for 5 to 10 minutes. The evening was clear and cold.

PEL7 was very curious of what this object was and added that it might have been "something from another solar system". She also recalls hearing that someone from the community of Mayo also saw the UFO that night.

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