UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
The Village of Pelly Crossing
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimony of UFO Witnesses PEL2 and PEL3

PEL2 and PEL3 were travelling in the same vehicle northbound on the Klondike Highway and about 6 km (4 miles) south of the Village of Pelly Crossing when they too observed the UFO. The witnesses were interviewed separately.

Witness PEL2

PEL2 and PEL3 were just entering the Pelly River Valley (Point B, Figure 22) which gave them a good view of the northern sky. At that point PEL2 noticed what looked like a "whole big cluster of stars moving!" PEL2 turned to her brother (PEL3) who was driving; "we couldn’t say anything to each other, we were so shocked!" Looking back at the UFO, PEL2 could clearly see the constellation of the Big Dipper above the moving lights. The object was huge. "I remember comparing it to the length of the Big Dipper which was right above it at one point. It was the same length as the Big Dipper!" The lights were moving from left to right or west to east. PEL2 estimates that the object was above the hills on the north side of the valley and on trajectory 5-6 (Figure 22). The arrangement of lights consisted of a long row of about 4 large white lights. Then there was a grid pattern of smaller lights on the right side of the UFO, which were blue and green in color. (See drawing by PEL2, Figure 23)

They continued to drive on as they watched the object continue to drift to the east. When they approached a gravel pit just 2 km south of the Village (Point C), various sections of lights on the UFO began turning off in rapid succession, "blink, blink, blink, blink", it was as if somebody was turning off switches. With the last section of lights turned off, the object was no longer visible. PEL2 estimated 3 to 4 minutes had elapsed from the time they first sighted the object.

PEL2 then arrived at home in the Village of Pelly Crossing. PEL2’s husband arrived home from work at about 9:10 pm and recalls his wife being home thereby indicating that the sighting occurred sometime before 9:00 pm.

Witness PEL3

PEL3 along with his sister PEL2 left Whitehorse around 6:00 pm and therefore PEL3 reasons that it must have been close to 9:00 pm when they were arriving in the Village of Pelly Crossing. When they started heading into the Pelly River Valley (Point B, Figure 22), they noticed a huge row of lights over the hill to the north. PEL3 estimates it was about 0.5 km (0.3 miles) long, "bigger than any plane, anyway!" "I knew it was a UFO for sure!" They first observed it near the first gravel pit as you start coming into the valley. "We had time to stop the car, get out, and observe it" They stopped near the second gravel pit (Point C, Figure 22) and observed the UFO for an estimated 30 seconds. It was slowly moving to the east and consisted of a row of lights, mostly white, with some blue and some red. There was a scattered group of lights at the front end (right) of the UFO and another group of lights near the back (left) of the UFO (see drawing by PEL3, Figure 24). "There was no noise".

As they were observing it drift over the hill to the north, "some lights started to go out before the others", then the whole thing just faded.

PEL3 recalls hearing that others in the communities of Dawson and Mayo saw the UFO the same night as well. Dawson is about 200 km (124 miles) to the northwest and Mayo is about 95 km (59 miles) to the north-northeast of Pelly Crossing.

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