UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
The Village of Pelly Crossing
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimony of UFO Witness PEL1

PEL1 is the only witness who is willing to have his identity disclosed. We commend him for his courage to do so. His name is Don Trudeau. PEL1 was tending his trapline about 9 km (6 miles) northeast of the Village of Pelly Crossing when he sighted the UFO.

PEL1’s trapline runs east of the Klondike Highway in a large loop as shown in Figure 22. It was somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00 pm when he was at Point A. He was travelling on foot and recalls it being a very dark moonless night, clear sky, the stars were out, it was fairly cold and there were ice crystals in the air.

He was looking out over the hills to the west when he spotted a huge row of lights moving in the distance. PEL1 estimates that the object was travelling along trajectory 1-2 (from his left to his right). At first he thought it was a large airplane that was going to crash. But then he realized that it was moving way too slow to be an airplane and that there was no noise coming from that direction. He could only conclude one thing "It’s a UFO!" The flashlight that he was carrying happened to point towards the UFO. As if the UFO was reacting to his light source, it started to move rapidly towards him from across the valley along trajectory 2-3. As a result, he had an instinctive reaction to cup the end of his large flashlight with his hand, thinking that whatever that thing was, would see him. Well, the split second he completed that gesture, the huge UFO stopped instantly and was hovering an estimated 300 yards (274 metres) in front of him! "I had to turn my head from one side to the other to view the whole thing!" the man said. "It must have been about of a mile long!" "For some reason I wasn’t frightened; I just stood there and watched it." The man estimates that the bottom of the craft was about 250 to 300 yards (229 to 274 metres) off the ground.

The object is depicted in Figure 18 and consisted of a long row of about 100 or more rectangular lights, each an estimated 7 by 20 feet (2 by 6 metres) in size. Centered over these lights and about 100 to 150 feet (30 to 45 metres) above them were approximately 7 larger rectangular lights an estimated 20 by 30 feet (6 by 9 metres) in size each. All the rectangular lights were white or slightly yellowish in color like that of light bulb. He could not make out an overall shape of the object but the stars were blacked out in a large and roughly oval area around the arrangement of lights. Figure 19 shows the authors rendition of the UFO based on drawings by PEL1 (Figures 20 and 21).

Shortly after the UFO arrived in front of him, a beam of white light suddenly emanated out of the bottom of the craft and swooped the ground once, from right to left. Was it a search beam? Searching for him? Not a sound was emanating from the craft, even at this close distance. "How does it stay there!" he thought; "no noise, no humming, nothing". He kept his flashlight covered or turned off as the object proceeded to slowly move to his right (trajectory 3-4, Figure 22) at an estimated "5-10 miles per hour, if that slow!" There was also a large "luminescent green" beam shining out horizontally out of the front (right side) of the UFO as well as two large parallel beams of light coming down at an 45 degree angle at the back or left side of the craft. The latter rotated slowly up to a horizontal position as the UFO moved slowly to his right. The ice crystals in the air made all these beams clearly visible.

The UFO was drifting behind some trees to his right so he turned away from it and decided to dash across a small clearing in the woods in order to get a better view. It only took him about 4 or 5 steps to get to the other side where he turned back around to look at the object. "It was gone!" He had watched the UFO for an estimated 4 minutes.

He returned home to his family and announced "Guess what I saw!?" The sighting was strange enough but coincidentally his family was watching the movie "Independence Day". The man’s children got so scared and as a result they wouldn’t go out of the house for the next 4 or 5 nights. "I always hesitate to tell this part of the story because it sounds too Hollywood, but that is exactly what happened"

PEL1 went to work the next day. "I never got one lick of work done that day" he said "I must have told my story twenty different times". He recalls speaking with FOX4 who had his own UFO account from Fox Lake also the previous night.

***Listen to Don Trudeau in Real Audio tell his UFO account on his Sept 28, 1999 appearance on "Sightings on the Radio" with Jeff Rense, here.***

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