UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
near Fox Lake
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimony of UFO Witness FOX6

There was a sixth witness to the Fox Lake UFO sighting who was not able to be interviewed directly, however her sighting description was related second hand by another witness and confirmed that it occurred the same night near Fox Lake by yet another individual.

FOX6 was driving north on the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Carmacks near Fox Lake when she noticed a strange red glow illuminating the top of her dashboard. She looked at it, and looked at it, wondering what could be causing it? Where could this light be possibly coming from she wondered? Finally she decided to look straight up through her windshield and to her amazement she saw a large arrangement of multicolored lights over her vehicle. There were all kinds of colors. Her interior vehicle lights started to go dim; the music she was playing on the tape deck started to go funny. She kept observing the lights and they started to go out one by one, until eventually they were all gone.

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