UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
near Fox Lake
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimony of UFO Witnesses FOX4 and FOX5

FOX4 and FOX5 were travelling together with their 2 year old son from Whitehorse to Pelly Crossing the night of the UFO sighting over Fox Lake, Carmacks, and Pelly Crossing. FOX4 was the driver and FOX5 was in the front passenger seat. They were interviewed separately.

Witness FOX4

The couple was travelling northbound on the Klondike Highway. There was a semi-trailer truck in front of them. When they were approaching the southern tip of Fox Lake (Point E, Figure 2) both FOX4 and FOX5 noticed a long arrangement of lights out over the lake to the northwest. FOX4 recalls two very long rows of rectangular lights in the distance (Figure 12). For a split second he thought it was a large truck on the highway (different from the one they were following). But that didn’t make sense since there was no road in that direction. His second thought was that it was a 747 Jumbo Jet coming down but that didn’t make sense either; it was moving way too slow for it to be an airplane. He was trying to decide whether to stop for a better look or continue on. Then the realization set in; the only thing left that this could possibly be was a UFO! Concern set in when he thought of their two-year-old son in the back seat and further thoughts of a possible encounter as depicted by the movie "Fire in the Sky". His wife was concerned as well, "Keep following that trailer, no, stop, no, turn around and go back!" she said. All this time he was slowing down, looking at the object, thinking what to do next, keeping an eye on the road; a somewhat tense situation.

Ultimately they decided to continue on with their journey. After all, by the time they made their decision, they were at Point F and could no longer see the UFO. They were at the base of a hill and into taller trees that obscured the view down the lake. FOX4 estimated that they observed the UFO for about one minute on this short stretch of the highway.

FOX4 surmised that the UFO was moving across the lake perpendicular to his view at about 10-20 miles/hr (16-32 km/h). It was moving from his left to his right or west to east. Thus it would be approaching the highway on the east side of the lake, which they were heading for. He was most amazed at its size and how slow it was moving. A drawing of the light configuration of the UFO by FOX4 is shown in Figure 10. The UFO consisted of two long rows of rectangular lights; several smaller lights that were barely visible in a dome pattern above the row lighting; some red or yellow lights at the front and back of the object (right and left) that may had been flashing or rotating. There also appeared to be a large beam of light shining down from the front (right) of the UFO. This beam was fairly bright and white in color. Although it was difficult for FOX4 to estimate, he figured the length of the object was 500 to 700 metres, the elevation was perhaps 300 metres above the lake and was perhaps 3 to 4 miles (5 to 7 km) away.

When they were passing by the campground turnoff, they noticed a couple of vehicles and two people standing around. They decided to pull over and talk to them. FOX4 identified the two individuals as FOX2 and FOX3. The first thing he said to them was "So, what are you guys looking at?" What he got back was a lively description of an encounter with a very, very large UFO, "what the ‘heck’ was that?", "They were talking fast, voices elevated and often both at the same time". FOX4 had trouble getting a word in edge wise. It was obvious to him that the close encounter with the UFO had a profound effect on FOX2 and FOX3. Underneath all that exuberance there may have been a state of shock.

FOX4 still had on his mind the semi-trailer that was ahead of him who must have seen something as well. Since it didn’t look like FOX2 and FOX3 were in a hurry to go anywhere, he decided to resume his travel and try to catch up to the truck driver. FOX4 estimated that they spent about 3 to 5 minutes with FOX2 and FOX3.

When they got to a pullout often referred to as 50-Mile Hill, about 25 km ( 16 miles) they saw a tow truck pulled over. They wondered; had he seen it too? (Point H, Figure 13)

They continued on and were approaching Braeburn lodge about 34 km (21 miles) up the highway from the campground turnoff at Fox Lake. They still had not caught up to the truck driver. They decided to pull into Braeburn Lodge anyway. When they got there they saw FOX1 gassing up his vehicle. FOX4 went into the lodge and FOX1 left for the highway. The two didn’t speak to each other.

When inside, FOX4 said to Steve Watson, the owner of the lodge, "Steve, I really need a coffee!" Steve replied, "Oh, you must have seen the same thing as what FOX1 saw." FOX4 got his coffee to go, chatted with Steve for a bit, and continued up the road with FOX5 and their child. He figures that they must have been at Braeburn for about 10 minutes at most and doesn’t recall anybody else showing up within that time.

As they continued up the highway FOX4 and FOX5 noticed a glow just over the eastern horizon. At first they thought that the UFO was coming back! However, they surmised that it must have been the moon rising. (In actuality, the moon was new and had just set in the west).

When FOX4 and FOX5 were passing through Carmacks, they finally caught up to the truck driver that was ahead of them. FOX4 confronted him and asked if he saw anything at Fox Lake? He replied that he did not.

FOX4 and FOX5 got back on the road, arrived at their destination and home in Pelly Crossing without further incident.

The next day FOX4 heard through others that people right in the Village of Pelly Crossing had some pretty spectacular sightings themselves. It became the talk of the town for two days! UFO accounts, old and new were being discussed freely and openly. He met with PEL1 that day. PEL1 described his UFO encounter to him that also occurred the previous evening. PEL1 related his UFO sighting to FOX4 and the two came to the conclusion that the sighting in Pelly occurred maybe 25 minutes after the Fox Lake sighting. FOX4 recalls that both sightings in Pelly and over Fox Lake occurred the evening of December 11, 1996.

Witness FOX5

As they came around the bend at the southern end of Fox Lake, FOX5 along with FOX4 noticed lights out over the lake. It was a huge row of rectangular lights. She first thought that it was a long truck on a road in the distance but then she realized, "That’s the middle of the lake, there is no road up there!" The lights were slowly floating across the lake, left to right. There appeared to be a row of rectangular lights about the color of an incandescent light bulb (yellowish). There also appeared to be a multiple arrangement of flashing lights both at the back and front (left and right) of the UFO (see drawing by FOX5, Figure 11 and her estimated size of UFO with reference to known landmarks, Figure12). Of particular notice to her was the large white beam pointing down from the front (right) of the craft. It was scanning the ground! As it would scan to one side, the beam would disappear; as it scanned back towards their direction it would come into view again; very eerie! FOX5 made a mental note of the time; she looked at the car clock; it was 8:23 pm.

FOX5 also recalled that they pulled over at the Fox Lake campground turn-off and spoke with FOX2 and FOX3 and that they too had seen the UFO. Before pulling over however, she remembers passing them and then doing a U-turn further up the road and driving back to their position. During the U-turn, she recalls seeing some additional set of tail lights travelling northbound away from them. She also recalls the tow truck parked at the top of 50-Mile Hill and seeing FOX1 at Braeburn Lodge. She estimates that their stop at Braeburn Lodge was about 5 minutes.

Once they got on the road again, she also recalls the glow over the eastern horizon.

The next day, she recalls hearing on CBC radio about other UFO sightings in communities around the Yukon. The radio station had a scientist come on and say that it was a meteor shower. This statement made no sense to her, "That was no meteor shower that I saw last night" she thought.

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