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Written By FOX3
(about 1 month after the event)


On December 11, 1996, at 8:30 p.m....

This is a story about the one day that changed my whole sense of reality forever. Before, you start thinking I’m weird or crazy............just hear me out.

My daily routine started out pretty much normal until early that evening. Around 7:00 pm there was a knock at the door. 7:00 pm. Who can that be? I thought. It was FOX2! 7:20 pm. He is my first cousin who lives in Carmacks, Yukon with his family. FOX2 had stopped by while I was waiting for my girlfriend to come over and visit. She asked me to wait at my house until she arrived. 7:30 pm. FOX2 came in. I asked him what was going on. He said, "I need a driver for the night". "Do you want to drive my Camaro back to Carmacks for me, while I drive my truck?" I said OK, When do you want me to drive? FOX2 answered, "Right now! I’m ready, lets go." "I had to run around to pick up some stuff so by the time we got out of there, it was 7:30 pm.


We were on our way to Carmacks. We got to Lake Laberge about 7:50 pm and we pulled over to the side of the Highway to check out the Camaro to see if it was still OK. After we continued on our way down the highway. It was about 8:00 pm. We arrived at Fox Lake at 8:25 pm. In the next five minutes something made me sit up and think "What the hell is going on here?" I blinked my eyes and thought, "What on earth is that?" A group of bright lights were hovering over the highway far ahead of us. It’s a UFO!!!! I thought for sure I must be dreaming!!! I wasn’t dreaming. I was wide awake as FOX2 and I sped towards them in silence. The closer FOX2 and I came the more the object seemed to grow bigger and bigger. It was a huge ship with colored lights around its edges. As I saw FOX2 drive under the object, I was hanging out of my window gazing up at this vast bright circular object. Its bright colored lights lit up the tremendous land around us.

It was an astronomical silent presence passing slowly over us. I was hypnotized by the spectacular sight I had just witnessed. I thought to myself ‘come on! stop the car!' But of course my body wouldn’t do what my mind wanted it to do. So it was like I was frozen in time but time seemed to continue without me! I’m sure I wasn’t myself at that moment and still think so to this day! In fact I was quite beside myself with fear of this immense thing! The drive up till this point had been nothing short of dull and the incident happening to me had just awakened me right up out of my dull, sleepy drive. Having been expecting a long and boring drive I had not yet adjusted to the object above me! I guess I was a bit stunned at first, and if I was crazy enough I would have jumped out and shouted, "Hey abduct me! Abduct me!" But of course I stayed in the car and just imagined I had done that. To this day it has always bothered me that I hadn’t or couldn’t estimate it’s size but I could say that it was about as large as a football stadium. So it was pretty damn big! But because of all the excitement I just couldn’t think straight! The huge "ship" was near hover drifting at about a 10 miles an hour speed moving towards the east side of the Fox Lake! It was like the ship was looking for something and I wasn’t it! Strange I had this overpowering sense of loss......Like that was it???!! A close encounter but not like of the third kind. No missing time line, no beaming me up, no probing, no implants, no extraterrestrial abduction, no glimpse of other worlds or of the other side, other beings, no nothing but just clear silence. Just a memory. Like ships that pass in the night! As I continued to go on my way I was stunned into "Silence". We just got into our vehicles and drove towards Carmacks in tranquility.

But these Aliens (if they are just that)-must be much more technically advanced than us that’s for sure? So isn’t there enough in this world to worry about without little green men or grey men running around? OK so they are out there. What can I do about it? I guess that goes for many others too. I talked to various people over the next few days about our strange encounter, but simply got weird looks for my trouble and smart remarks like, "How many drinks did you have that night" And "Are you sure you weren’t dreaming or hallucinating?" And "Are you positive you never saw a satellite" Or "Oh please, you know I never touch that sort of stuff" And another irritating suggestion: "Well it was probably some new top secret military plane, probably the Stealth bomber".... I know how the Stealth bomber sounds and it is not silent! It can not hover either!! It maybe invisible to radar but it isn’t round. And then of course that most annoying remark of all: "Are you certain it wasn’t VENUS?" I know what Venus looks like and I know why it’s so bright. So since no one took my sighting very seriously, so I started to think to myself more.

So has this U.F.O sighting changed me in any way?......Of course. WHERE as before I wondered......now I know. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt using the human analogy: if it looks like a human and talks like a human and walks like a human then it probably is a human, I would say to you. If it looks like a spaceship and moves like a spaceship, THEN ITS PROBABLY IS A spaceship! Think about it!!

Seeing is believing. Its funny though to think that not many years ago just a few people believed in U.F.Os. Now it seems that only a few don’t! Any questions? Not that I have any ANSWERS!!....From someone you might know........See You!!






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