UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
near Fox Lake
Yukon Territory, Canada

Testimonies of UFO Witnesses FOX2 and FOX3

FOX2 and FOX3 were travelling in a convoy of two vehicles heading from Whitehorse to Carmacks on the Klondike Highway. FOX2 was travelling about 1 mile (1.6 km) ahead of FOX3. They were travelling adjacent to Fox Lake (Figure 2). They were interviewed separately.

Witness FOX2

FOX2 was travelling on the highway adjacent to Fox Lake when the mundane trip turned into something he would remember for the rest of his life. Suddenly FOX2 spotted a huge object with a row of lights hovering out over the lake (See drawing of UFO by FOX2, Figures 6). He thought he must have been hallucinating! He took another look and the gigantic thing was still there! He immediately negotiated a stop in somewhat slippery conditions and proceeded to get out of his vehicle (Point A, Figure 2). He looked up the highway for his cousin FOX3 and saw him approaching. He could see that he spotted the UFO as well since he was swerving wildly as he skidded to a stop on the snow-covered highway. To FOX2 it looked like FOX3 stopped about one half a mile (0.8 km) back from him (Point B, Figure 2). (The actual distance between the two witnesses was measured to be 0.57 km (0.36 miles).

FOX2 turned back to look at the UFO and noticed that the UFO was slowly moving, towards him! (See Drawing by FOX2, Figure 7). The drawing depicts the edge of the UFO and in fact, FOX2 could see that the UFO had a solid smooth surface. In a few minutes the edge of the object was directly over him (Figure 8). The only detail he remembered while looking at the object's belly was a large white light in the center of this elliptically shaped object (Figure 9). He was totally in awe and for some reason unafraid. He decided to get out his two-way radio so that he could relate what he was seeing to anybody who would listen, but all he got was static. The gigantic thing continued to travel slowly eastward and out of site over the hill.

Later that evening FOX3 recalls stopping in at Braeburn Lodge and relating his story to the owner. The owner told them that others had stopped in and related similar accounts.

Witness FOX3

About an hour prior to the Fox Lake UFO sighting (about 7:30 pm), FOX2 arrived at FOX3’s residence and asked him if he could help him bring a vehicle from Whitehorse to Carmacks. FOX3 agreed and they were on their way.

FOX3 was travelling about 1 mile behind FOX2 along the Klondike Highway adjacent to Fox Lake. When FOX3 got to Point C (Figure 2) he noticed a huge object out over the Lake. "It’s a UFO!!!!" he said to himself, it was so obvious. FOX2 had disappeared from his view around the corner. He kept travelling down a hill towards the lake, and towards the UFO! When he passed a gradual turn to the right he was along a straight stretch of the highway that ran parallel with the lake. Now he could see his cousin FOX2 up the road, his truck swerving; he saw him "almost hit the ditch!" FOX3 started pumping his brakes in order to stop on the slippery highway and almost went off the road himself. When he finally stopped, he realized that the UFO was travelling towards his cousin. Soon his cousin was underneath the object! (See drawings by FOX3 Figures 3 and 4). The UFO was lighting up the entire valley! "We could see our shadows" FOX3 had stopped about a half mile from his cousin FOX2. FOX3 decided to keep his engine running as he had heard reports of UFOs causing car engines to cut out.

Figure 5 shows a simulated graphic of the scene. The UFO consisted of a high domed top outlined with small diffused white lights. There were two rows of large rectangular lights (windows?) across the middle. Then there were some long rectangular lights on the left and rights side of the UFO, stacked three high and orange in color. FOX3 could definitely see that lights were affixed to a large smooth object. (The actual distance between the two witnesses was measured to be 0.57 km (0.36 miles).

He was sitting there in the car watching this thing over his cousin perhaps about 4 to 5 lamppost heights above his cousin’s head, wondering what to do next. He suddenly decided to signal the UFO by flashing his headlights on and off. He got to the first "on" and suddenly thought, "what am I doing that for???" and stopped his attempt at communication immediately!

Then FOX3 recalled he had a disposable camera, somewhere in one of the bags piled up in the back seat. He jumped out of his vehicle and started frantically hucking bags out of the back seat as fast as he could. It took him an estimated 60 seconds but he finally found the right bag. He pulled the camera out. Suddenly, the UFO got really really bright, and instantly accelerated away to the southeast at a fantastic speed! "Damn!" he thought. The object appeared to leave a bright streak behind it that faded rapidly. The object appeared to perform a few zig-zags in the distance.

FOX3 made a note of the time and date, it was 8:30 pm December 11, 1996 immediatly after the UFO was gone. FOX3 also recalls a vehicle passing by southbound about 5 minutes after the UFO departed.

He looked at his cousin in the distance and the two started walking toward each other. When they got to within conversing distance they said, "Did you see something?", "Yeah", "Did you see something?", "Yeah", "Ok, let’s go". Each confirming to each other that neither was hallucinating. They walked back to their vehicles, got in and drove a short distance to the campground turnoff at Point D; there a lively discussion ensued. FOX3’s car kept on running through the entire incident.

During their lively discussion at the campground turn-off, FOX3 recalls witnesses FOX4 and FOX5 pulling up in their vehicle and asking if they had seen anything? He recalls FOX4 saying "We should travel in groups, I think it’s safer". FOX2 and FOX3 being in a state of shock continued their lively discussion "what the ‘heck’ was that thing?….". FOX4 and FOX5 departed.

After getting on their way, FOX3 recalls stopping in at Braeburn Lodge and talking with Steve Watson, the lodge owner about their UFO sighting.

The next day, FOX3 called the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Whitehorse Airport and asked if there was anything out over Fox Lake the night before. Their answer was that there wasn’t.

FOX3 also did an interview with CHON-FM radio the next day regarding the UFO sighting. The radio station played a small portion of FOX3’s interview.

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