UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
near Fox Lake
Yukon Territory, Canada

Testimony of UFO Witness FOX1

FOX1 was driving alone along the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Carmacks one evening in December 1996. When he was about 2.5 kilometers from the southern tip of Fox Lake (Point A, Figure13), he noticed a white light to the north-northwest out over the lake (towards the direction of Position "1"). He did not think too much of it but kept observing the light while driving along the edge of the 17 km (11 mile) long lake. At point B, just north of the Fox Lake campground, FOX1 noticed two vehicles parked along the guardrail. Both vehicles were facing southbound.

He continued to travel northbound and when he got just past the northern tip of Fox Lake (Point C), the light which he had been watching appeared to be "shining light down a smooth gentle curve" (See Figures 14, 15, 17). He thought it might be a vehicle shining its headlight down the curved surface of the highway, but the problem was that there was no highway in that direction (towards Position "1"). At point D he passed a car and a semi-trailer (Yukon-Alaska Trucking) heading southbound. He lost sight of the light and illuminated surface since his concentration was geared to passing the two vehicles safely. He contemplated pulling these vehicles over to help confirm his observation but before he could act on this impulse they had passed him. A few seconds later, after his eyes readjusted to the darkness (at Point E), he observed three rows of rectangular lights slowly drifting and disappearing behind a hill to the east towards the direction of "Point 2"(See Figures 16 and 17). It was quite a sight! The rows of lights appeared to be a part of a larger object, "you know, kind of like when you see the Enterprise on Star Trek do a slow close pass by the camera". He got an "exhilarating feeling" and stepped on the gas so that he could reach a point further up the valley, which had a less obstructed view of the sky. At point F he pulled over and got out of his vehicle to scan the sky for the object. He looked for large blacked out areas of the sky but did not notice any large areas of missing stars. The sights he had just witnessed appeared truly astonishing.

FOX1 continued to travel northbound at about 50 km/h (30 mph) much slower than the posted speed limit of 90 km/h (55 mph), scanning the sky for the object or lights. After travelling about 20 km (12 miles) he reached Braeburn Lodge (Point G) and decided to pull in for a coffee. He spent an estimated 15 minutes (and perhaps as much as half an hour) at the lodge and related his exciting story to the lodge owner, Steve Watson. FOX1 even made drawings for him describing the incredible sights that he just witnessed.

FOX1 continued on his way to Carmacks where he lived, loaded his wood stove and drove back to Whitehorse later that night to attend a family matter. He had no further sightings on the return trip but stopped at Braeburn Lodge again only to learn from Steve Watson that others had stopped shortly after him describing the same or similar thing.

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