22+ Witnesses Observe a UFO Larger than a Football Stadium

Yukon Territory, Canada


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Map of UFO sighting area (Figure 1)


Fox Lake

Map of Fox Lake, Braeburn and FOX1 UFO sighting locations (Figure 13)
1st and 2nd Drawings by FOX1 (Figure 17)
Investigator’s interpretation of 1st Drawing by FOX1 (Figure 15)
Investigator’s interpretation of 2nd Drawing by FOX1 (Figure 16)
Graphic based on 1st Drawing by FOX1 (Figure 14)

Map of Fox Lake and the location of witnesses FOX2, 3, 4 and 5 (Figure 2)
Map of Fox Lake showing witness viewing directions and UFO Trajectory (Figure 34)
1st Drawing by FOX2 (Figure 6)
2nd Drawing by FOX2 (Figure 7)
3rd Drawing by FOX2 (Figure 8)
4th Drawing by FOX2 (Figure 9)
1st Drawing by FOX3 (Figure 3)
2nd Drawing by FOX3 (Figure 4)
Graphic based on FOX3’s 1st and 2nd Drawings (Figure 5)
Photograph taken from FOX3’s perspective of UFO (Figure 32)
Photograph depicting where bottom of the UFO was from FOX3’s perspective (Figure 33)
Drawing by FOX4 (Figure 10)
Drawing by FOX5 (Figure 11)
FOX4 and FOX5 estimates of UFO size with reference to known landmarks (Figure 12)


Village of Carmacks

Map of Carmacks and the location of witnesses CRM1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Figure 27)
Drawing by CRM1 (Figure 28)
Drawing by CRM2 (Figure 29)
Drawing by CRM6 (Figure 30)
Drawing by CRM7 (Figure 31)


Village of Pelly Crossing

Map of Pelly Crossing and the location of witnesses PEL1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Figure 22)
1st Drawing by PEL1 (Figure 20)
2nd Drawing by PEL1 (Figure 21)
Investigator’s interpretation of 1st and 2nd Drawings by PEL1 (Figure 19)
Graphic based on Drawings by PEL1 (Figure 18)
Drawing by PEL2 (Figure 23)
Drawing by PEL3 (Figure 24)
Drawing by PEL6 (Figure 25)
Drawing by PEL7 (Figure 26)

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